Wedge + Fig was the second date location for me and the boyfriend, so it will always hold a special place in my heart. That, plus the amazing food and cute garden courtyard, this one is a winner all around. (And seriously, who doesn’t love cheese?)

This place is best known for their cheese. They have tons of cheese plate options, paired with everything you’d need to make sure you taste the true flavors of the cheese. As much as I love cheese, I am not partial to stinky cheese, so I make sure to always go with a mild plate. But be sure to see which plates are on special, as they are always changing.


They also have… wait for it… a build your own grilled cheese sandwich. I recently was watching Chopped Juniors on the FoodNetwork, and one of the 12-year-old contestants said she didn’t like grilled cheese, because “they are too simple”. I immediately wanted to write in and direct this poor soul to Wedge + Fig, because she clearly doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

Wedge Fig 3

You first start with cheese: brie, cheddar, gouda, havarti, mozzarella or fontina cheese on a choice of white, whole wheat or rye bread. Then you move on to your fillings. Try chimay a la biere, fourme d’ambert, quicke’s farmhouse cheddar, cantal, gruyere, silver goat…  tomato, avocado, sliced weavers way pickle, apple, fried jalapenos, hard-boiled egg, fried egg, roasted onions, truffled honey, black olive tapenade, chutney, fresh pesto, quince paste, fig paste, coppa, spicy tasso ham or bacon. Mustard? Mayo? Whatever your little heart desires, it’s yours. My go to grilled cheese is: cheddar, tomato, avocado, and jalapeños. I seriously could eat this all day.

Image Via Yelp

They also offer an amazing brunch, with different french toast options (peanut butter and jelly french toast?) Oh and their scones are on point.

If the weather is nice, make sure you ask to sit in the garden. Tucked back in the alley behind the restaurant, you completely forget you’re in the heart of Old City.

Wedge  Fig 1



Cover Photo Via Wedge + Fig


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