Humpty’s Dumplings

Whoever thought a restaurant named after one of our childhood story books would be serving up such awesome Asian Fusion cuisine! Humpty’s Dumplings has moved from Farmer’s Markets and Food Truck Festivals to having their own restaurant on Keswick Ave, in Glenside, PA. You have got to see it to believe all the unique flavors of dumplings and noodles they’re serving up!

Humpty’s Dumplings has a great open and cool vibe to their restaurant with bar stools, and big open windows. Every table is topped with chopsticks and homemade bottles of dipping sauce. Longtime friends and Glenside locals Jason Craig, Pat Doyle, and Phillip Yesenoski started with catering and moved to a tent at special events like Glenside Farmer’s Market and the Manayunk StrEAT Festival. Last year in Manayunk, they even won an award for their Strawberry Cheesecake Dumpling! In January 2014 they opened their storefront in Glenside, PA their hometown which is conveniently located near Arcadia University. Their Humpty’s Dumplings food truck will make its debut at Bonaroo Music Festival this June 2016!

Pat and Jason stumbled upon their dumpling creations on accident. One night, they were just shooting some pool and having some beers when they decided to wrap some chicken leftovers in wonton wrappers and fry it. The Humpty Dumpling was born and soon these delicious little morsels would make their way into our hearts and stomachs with fillings like cheesesteak and buffalo chicken. Jason describes them as “everyone’s favorite foods in bite-sized deep fried pouches.” By special request these dumplings can be made steamed, but frying is recommended.

These dumplings have so much more filling than I expected and their deep fried exterior is crispy, yet surprisingly not greasy at all! The prices are more than reasonable with 5  dumplings for $7. My favorites were the Buffalo Chicken, Honey Chipolte Chicken, and Cheesesteak (I’m from Philly duhhhh!). Everything is made from scratch by hand, even the sauces. They serve homemade sauces for dipping, or you can buy by the bottle to take them home with you for $5.99! Flavors include Mild Buffalo Sauce, Spicy Buffalo, Honey BBQ, and the crowd favorite is Back Burner BBQ.

If you’re like me and think that you may need 3 orders of dumplings to fill your growling belly then I’d suggest one of their noodle dishes. They’re almost like a lo mein stir fry using egg noodles and the portion size is huge. Cheesesteak Noodles are very popular (go figure) and I tried the Chicken Pot Pie noodles which have been on the menu since October/November. The noodles are the perfect texture for the creamy sauce and there are huge chunks of seasoned chicken breast, not to mention your standard corn, pea, carrot medley. Finished with flakes of pot pie crust and shredded carrot this dish was a sure fire deal at $10!

Look for other fun noodle flavors such as Honey Chipotle Chicken, Buffalo Chicken, Italian Roast Pork, and Asian Pork Noodles.  Vegetarian and vegan dumpling fillings include Spinach with Mozzarella and Ricotta and Roasted Vegetable. Sweet Dumplings include Apple Pie, S’mores, Brownie Cheesecake, and look out for an upcoming Plain Cheesecake Dumpling with various of fruit dipping sauces. 

Online ordering will be available soon. Till then check out Humpty’s Dumplings April 10th at the Manayunk StrEAT Festival!



We’d like to thank Jason Craig for allowing us to stop by and sample the menu at Humpty’s Dumplings. Cover Photo and additional images via @humptysdumplings Instagram.