Located in West Philly by Penn’s campus a tiny taco shop that should be on everyone’s radar. Starting as an unassuming breakfast taco and coffee truck, soon Honest Tom’s had a loyal following looking for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you’re looking for a quality fast casual spot for Mexican food, you’ve got to check this spot out! 

Tom McCusker started his breakfast taco food truck, serving around Drexel, Clark Park Farmer’s Market, and even outside the Franklin Institute. Breakfast tacos and coffee eventually developed into a full lunch menu. Soon the reputation and demand of Honest Tom’s led to the 2012 opening of his brick-and-mortar storefront located at 44th and Spruce.


When you walk in, be sure to take note of the menu on the chalkboard to your right. True to fashion the Breakfast Tacos here are the most popular. Coffee is also only served with breakfast. We also highly recommend the Breakfast Burrito, stuffed with scrambled eggs, beans, homefries, pico de gallo, guacamole, cheese and sour cream served in a flour tortilla AND for you meat lovers out there, you can add bacon or sausage.


Honest Tom’s Taco Shop offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A Mushroom Quesadilla is offered in the Fall. Their Chicken and Sweet Potato Burrito is out of this world. Prices are determined by your choice of meat (Chicken, Pork, Beef) or vegetable (Sweet Potato, Rice and Beans) in a flour tortilla with rice, beans, cheese, pico de gallo, guacamole  (no extra charge here!) and sour cream. Sweet Potato is a big favorite here for vegetarians. 

Craving something a little lighter? Fish Tacos are back for the summer with grilled fish like Mahi or Tilapia on a flour tortilla topped with mango or pineapple slaw, red onion, and cilantro you can’t beat these fresh flavors. Other tacos include Chicken, Pork, Beef, Sweet Potato, or Grilled Vegetable on corn tortillas (you can request flour). 

Honest Tom’s is also very well known for their signature hot sauces. Head Chef Ricky has developed 4 flavors with unique heat. Now bottled and available for sale, flavors include Mild, Hot, Smokey BBQ, and Halloween (made green with garlic and jalapeno).


If you love Mexican or happen to be in West Philly, make sure to stop by this spot. No delivery is available, but we promise its worth the trip. 

Things to Remember: This place is tiny- inside seating is limited, with more tables available outside during the Spring and Summer. Sometimes we’ve had to wait for a table, and other times we’ve had our pick of the place. We’ve even had to share a table before.

-Arielle and Lea



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