This week at Philmytummy we’re having a 13th Street Kitchen takeover! Michael and Jeniphur Pasquarello are the masterminds behind the 13th Street Kitchens family. We’re kicking off the week with Bufad. Opened in February 2013, Bufad is slang for l’abbuffata meaning the feast. This BYOB restaurant specializes in Neopolitan and Roman wood fired pizza, antipasti, small plates, and dessert. This spot absolutely blew me away! Little did I know that my favorite pizza in the city would be found at 13th and Spring Garden.

For much too long I put off visiting and now I’m upset it took me so long. The restaurant has an unassuming and relaxed vibe with seating for parties of 6 or less. Reservations can be made on Opentable. Everything is made with the freshest local ingredients just like Nonna would make.
For lunch they offer Roman style square pizza sold by the slice. For dinner they offer Neapolitan style round pizzas. They also have an option for a 5 course chef’s tasting dinner for $30 each!


For starters we tried the Chicken Liver Mousse served on a Crostini w/ Apple Mustard & Dandelion Greens, Grass-Fed Beef Meatball stuffed with smoked mozzarella in our slow-cooked tomato sauce, and Burrata served over sauteed asparagus, topped with Marsala raisins & toasted pine nuts. Finished with chili oil & pangrattato.

The meatball was the size of a baseball and oozing with cheese and that slow-cooked tomato sauce I could take a bubble bath in. The Burrata was a more unique dish than I anticipated with the asparagus shaved into thin slices while mixed with the sweetness of golden raisins and heat of the chili oil.

Rye Gnocchi in Baked Skillet with Mushrooms & Fava Beans, Topped w/ Grana Padana

For pizzas we tried the Chevre with goat cheese bechamel, roasted fennel & carrots. Finished with Sorrel pistachio pesto. This is a GREAT pizza for Spring and Summer. The pesto and carrots have such fresh vibrant flavors its a winning combonation.

We also tried the Capicola with slow-cooked tomato sauce, braised dandelion greens, Molnari Capicola & smoked mozzarella. The braised greens add a nice freshness. We also tried the special Calamari Pizza with Marinated Local Cherry Tomatoes, Spicy Sardella & Torn Basil. This was the most colorful and surprising pizza of all! The calamari is lightly poached and cooked perfectly, I never knew I’d love calamari on a pizza.


We almost didn’t have room for dessert (and of course we had leftovers) but we ordered the Vanilla Chevre & Ricotta Mousse with Local Strawberries, Rosemary Syrup & Pine Nut Cookie Crumbles and Chocolate Cake with Orange Frosting, Espresso Chocolate Sauce & Salted Caramel Ice Cream.

The Mousse was our favorite with light bright flavors perfect for the warmer weather. I cannot wait to come back for lunch and grab some slice or BYO at dinner time. Delivery available on Caviar!



We would like to thank Jennifer Bragan for allowing us to cover the 13th Street Kitchen restaurants.

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