From the great minds of Hai Street Kitchen comes Wok Street, a fast-causal eatery serving Southeast Asian bowls. Wok Street opened on May 12, 2016 at 1518 Chestnut Street. This eatery offers bowls inspired by the flavors of Thailand and a much healthier lunch and dinner option to those nearby.

Wok Street allows customers to select a signature bowl or customize their own. The menu set-up for signature bowls is similar to Chipotle. Start with white rice, noodles, or cabbage slaw as a base. Add a protein and seasonal vegetable then top it with a homemade sauce and crunch option. Bowls come in regular or large sizes.


We were a little disappointed to see that brown rice was not an option at Wok Street although they offer brown rice at Hai Street Kitchen. Additionally the rice and noodles aren’t cooked in the wok with the other ingredients in your bowl like we originally thought with the name of the restaurant, but rather scooped onto your base.

Although the Wok Street Chicken bowl is the most popular dish here, we preferred creating our own. For the proteins, both the pork and beef are braised and very tender, we’d recommend them over the chicken. Because of the soy products used in cooking the meats and vegetables at Wok Street, there aren’t any gluten-free options here.

Signature Bowls include:

  • Wok Street Chicken– white rice, charred corn & edamame, grilled chicken, teriyaki sauce, pickled red onion, sliced cucumber, pickled ginger, sesame chili flakes
  • Pickled Peanut Pork– white rice, brussels sprouts, braised pork, peanut sauce, pickled red onion, scallion, cilantro, roasted peanuts
  • Bangkok Beef– white rice, veggie medley with chard, braised beef, tamarind sauce, pickled red pepper, sliced cucumber, mint, tempura crunch
  • Thai Tofu– cold lo mein noodles, garlic green beans, fried tofu, red curry, pickled red pepper, papaya salad, thai basil, fried garlic
  • Vegetarian option– white rice, garlic green beans with charred corn & edamame, teriyaki sauce, pickled red pepper, papaya salad, thai basil, fried garlic

Wok Street’s bowls use all natural ingredients (GMO free) and homemade sauces. They rely on spices and seasonings instead of high fat contents to give their dishes flavor.

If you’re feeling extra hungry, try adding a side or dessert. We recommend The Bahn sandwich (with steak).

  • The Bahn– a wok street signature take on the classic vietnamese hoagie with hoisin mayo, cucumber, jalapeño, pickled red onion, and cilantro (add pork, chicken, steak, or tofu)

Other options include:

  • Summer Roll– grilled chicken, asian slaw, cucumber, mint, thai basil wrapped in rice paper
  • “Soon-to-be-famous” Tofu Cheesecake with ginger maple syrup

Cool off from the summer heat with a Thai Iced Tea sweetened spiced tea with milk, Matcha Green Tea, or our personal favorite the Ginger Lemonade housemade, tart and sweet. They also sell Boxed Water.

Keep an eye out for #DollarDays at Wok Street where you can grab a special menu item for only $1! They’ve already offered $1 bowls and $1 drinks. Stop by to check out Wok Street open everyday 11 am- 9 pm. Delivery is also available via Caviar.



We would like to thank Carolyn for inviting us to stop by and sample Wok Street. 


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