With the holidays and New Years just around the corner we are sure you’re scoping out where is the best place to continue your festivities on New Years Day before watching the Mummer’s parade. Well let us introduce you to a brunch spot flying a bit under the radar. Earlier this year Opa started serving Sunday brunch 10:00 am- 3:00 pm. Center City’s brother and sister team George and Vasiliki Tsiouris launched the popular Sansom Street restaurant in 2011. Chef Bobby Saritsoglou started at the restaurant in March 2015 and runs the kitchen, brunch and lunch menu offerings being a fresh look at traditional Greek cuisine going far beyond pitas and meat-on-sticks. Greek food is all about big flavors steeped in rich tradition.

Chef Saritsoglou has built a menu rooted in the tradition of his family’s cooking and time spent in Greece. For their new menu there were plenty of trials, tasting and hard work. Opa’s menu now showcases locally sourced products, embedding a “modern take on classic Greek food.”


Sip on something fresh like the Greek Sunrise with pineapple juice, and ouzo, a traditional Greek liquor. They’ve also got a Moonrise made with brandy, blackberries, and iced tea. Traditionalists will absolutely enjoy a Bloody Mary with vodka, tomato juice, and completed with a bacon-feta garnish. And don’t forget the Mimosas made right at the bar with freshly squeezed orange juice, and sparkling wine. When you start of brunch with a great cocktail. It can only get better! We’d recommend ordering the House Baked Pastry Plate served on an olive tree board and filled with the daily selection of house made goods. Displaying IMG_4196.JPG

We loved the variety of sweet and savory options for the pastries and they were accompanied by quince and apricot jam. If you’re looking to try a little bit of everything savory we’d recommend ordering the Spartan Breakfast with includes house cured sausage, ham, trahana, fried haloumi, 2 eggs any style, and pita bread. That’s right, in addition to making their breads in house, all meats are also cured on the premises. If you’re looking for something new they’ve even got Lamb Bacon. For a fun twist on the Greek classic, you can try the Breakfast Gyro with scrambled eggs, house cured sausage, kaseri, kefalograviera and metsovone cheese. Our favorite savory breakfast item was the Everything Bagel loaded up with eggs, ham, house cured sausage, hash browns, and kaseri cheese. Yes this is everything you want and more piled onto a bagel sandwich.

Displaying IMG_4171.JPG

For the sweeter breakfast palates we’d suggest the French Toast topped with seasonal fruit and walnuts. They’re also serving Pancakes either Greek style with cinnamon and suger or with Nutella and bananas. Health conscious types can enjoy a Yogurt Parfait with seasonal fruit, walnuts, and monastiri honey or Oatmeal with seasonal fruit, cinnamon, and brown sugar.

And don’t forget about the sides, since the breakfast items are served a la carte. Fingerling Potatoe seems to be a favorite for those diners hankering for something besides hash browns. So now to conquer the lunch portion of the menu.  Of course they’ve got to be serving Spanakopita, a traditional Greek dish made with  spinach, kefalotiri and feta cheese, inside layers of house made filo. There is also a variety of Gyros offered with house cut fries, including:

  • Lamb – prime shaved lamb, tzatziki, salata
  • Fish – daily selection, spinach pita, pesto
  • Chicken – smoked paprika, fried picked artichoke, garlic aioli
  • Zucchini – grilled, fava hummus, spiced carrot salad

One of the most popular plates is the Greek Mom’s Grilled Cheese with house made bread, metsovone, kefalograviera and kaseri cheeses, served with a side of tomato-fennel soup dip, and house cut fries. We opted for the Bifteki Burger with a grass fed local beef pattry, kaseri cheese, red pepper aioli, tomato, egg, and house cut fries. Because any burger with an egg on top is clearly suited for brunch.

Displaying IMG_4198.JPG

Stop by and see for yourself, reservations are available on Opentable. Opa is also offering delivery via Caviar if New Years gets the best of you!


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