Redcrest Fried Chicken

Chef, owner, and self-proclaimed “fried chicken junkie” Adam Volk is bringing the comfort food to East Passyunk with Redcrest Fried Chicken. The restaurant opened up just in time for the Philadelphia Eagles to take down thier first Super Bowl Championship this February. Needless to say this cozy neighborhood fried chicken joint had lines of customers out the door all weekend.

Originally from the area, Chef Volk had been living in New York where as a partner in two Brooklyn eateries: The Exley and Esme, he developed and defined his fried chicken recipe. With only 1,000 square feet, Redcrest is serving up some quality comfort food made from scratch with its laid-back counter service and outdoor seating on East Passyunk Square.

“I like fried chicken, a lot! If asked one of my favorite food or preferred meals, it would always be fried chicken. I wanted to share that love with a larger audience and focus on one product and really do it well.” -Chef Volk

Redcrest is offering fried chicken seven days a week available in whole, half, and quarter birds with original buttermilk or spicy breading. They’ve also got your favorites like chicken wings, tenders, and popcorn chicken.

Don’t forget all the house made dipping sauces including buttermilk ranch, blue cheese, barbecue, spicy mayo, garlic aioli, spicy honey, and buffalo. We’re especially in favor of Chef Volk bottling and selling his barbecue sauce. For grab and go customers there is also a variety of Chicken Sandwiches on the menu including buttermilk, barbecue, and buffalo. Every sandwich is served on a Philly Bread Co. potato roll. They’re even making their own Vegan Chicken Sandwich. And keep an eye out for a breakfast sandwich coming to the menu!

Accessorize you’re crispy chicken with some classic side dishes like buttermilk biscuits, french fries, mashed potatoes (a popular favorite: Redcrest mashes approximately 60 lbs of Russet Potatoes for each batch), mac n’ cheese, coleslaw, collard greens, and corn pudding. And last but not least for a little something sweet they’re Biscuit Bread Pudding with chocolate, caramel, and whipped cream or the soft serve ice cream in flavors like Buttermilk Vanilla and Vegan Strawberry for dessert!

Redcrest Fried Chicken is available to dine-in, take-out, or delivery via Caviar.


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