Chew Philly Manayunk Food Tour

Chew Philly‘s Manayunk Food Tour was unexpectedly fun, although I live in Philadelphia, Manayunk is basically another world to me. I just never had a reason to venture out there. I saw a deal on Groupon ($36/person) and that where my adventure began. The weather on a September day was ideal since more than half of your tour will be spent outside. There definitely is some substantial walking and Manayunk is super hilly so wearing comfortable is advised. Our tour guide was a college girl who grew up in the area and was very passionate about the restaurants, food, and Manayunk as a city.

Our tour started at Marchiano’s Bakery with tomato pie, pepperoni bread, and homemade mango water ice. Our guide advised us to buy water bottles since we would be outside for awhile. Then we continued to the Tow Path along the river where we sampled some Philly soft pretzels our guide had picked up from Tasty Twisters. Next was a Philadelphian’s favorite, we had cheesesteak samples at a hole-in-the-wall spot called Sorrentino’s Deli. This deli was about an hour into the tour and the first stop where we could sit down at, unfortunately there was no air-conditioning. Everyone tried 1/4 cheesesteak and the we were off to Lucky’s Last Chance where we each tried 1/4 of the PB&J burger which might not strike you as the ideal combination but it was a fun twist! I was happy to be seated inside a restaurant with air-conditioning by this point. Cappucino at Volo Coffeehouse was next for a pick-me-up. As I don’t drink coffee I was offered hot chocolate which was equally unappealing at this point in the day. Lastly Sweet Elizabeth’s served us a Red Velvet Cupcake naturally dyed with beets.

I enjoyed the tour overall, I like that they are show casing small owned businesses and introducing a new customers. I was full by the end and feeling a bit sick since the food samplings were all carb-heavy. Lucky’s Last Chance was my favorite stop because we were able to sit down inside air-conditioning and the food was unique! There was a vegetarian burger offered, but overall I don’t think I would recommend this tour for vegetarians.

My favorite sites with Main Street Manayunk, the Tow Path along the river, and Pretzel Dog Park. I would recommend booking this tour in the October-November, or April-May when the weather is mild and book in advance since slots are only about 8-10 people. Check Groupon or Chew Philly’s website for deals on the tour since it is expensive full price ($74/person). And remember to tip your tour guide, most are college students who could use the $$$.


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