You can never have enough jerky right? That’s what why say! Check out Bojerky for a subscription to craft jerky. If you’re tired of the same old stuff you get at the gas station on the way to work every day- meet Bojerky. From Coca-Cola jerky from Houston, TX to grass-fed jerky sourced from Vermont you will impress all your friends with your selection of smoked and dried meats!

Bojerky is pretty simple. They buy the coolest indie jerky from around the United States and send it to you! Whether you live in San Jose or Minnetonka; they’ve got you covered. Shipments are recurring so in the middle of every month, they’ll ship awesome craft jerky straight to you. They’ve featured dozens of craft jerky creators- and not just hipsters in LA. We break the mold and buy from everybody.

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A few days before it gets to you, they send out an email with the tracking number so you know when it arrives plus a little bit of info about all the jerky inside. Sometimes they even include a bonus snack! Bojerky also caters to events and parties. If you’re looking to give 10+ people Bojerky at a time, email Bojerky to get a special deal!

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