Green Chef

Get 4 Free Meals!

The thing I love most about Green Chef, is that they offer Paleo and gluten-free meals. Moreover, all of their meals have no synthetic pesticides, no genetically modified organisms, no artificial ingredients and no growth hormones or antibiotics. The thing I don’t love: you don’t get to pick which meals you want. You simply select your dietary preferences (right down to which type of meat you like or don’t like, which is pretty cool), and they choose the meals for you. Another thing I don’t love: all the other companies send either a box or a baggie filled with all the ingredients you’d need for the meal. Green Chef doesn’t do that- they sent everything loose in a big box, with a color coded sticker, to know which meal it goes with. In my opinion, this makes it a little less convenient, because now you have to dig through your fridge to find something. Oh, and all the meat arrived absolutely frozen. While this isn’t really a problem, there are other companies who serve meat that is still fresh, which I like better.

Pricing: $10.49/per person for vegetarian; $11.99/person for Omnivore; $13.49/person Carnivore; $13.49/person gluten-free; and $14.99/person for paleo.


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