Outstanding in the Field 2015, Great Road Farm

If you haven’t read my post yet about Outstanding in the Field 2014, read it here.

After such an amazing experience at Outstanding in the Field in 2014, we decided that of course, we had to do it again in 2015. The company released the 2015 tour schedule in the beginning of March, so we were able to look at all the events, and choose one that best fit our needs. Tickets didn’t go on sale until the end of March, so it was nice to discuss it and not have a mad dash to the check-out. (Many events sell out within the first 5 minutes of sale).

We decided on going to Great Road Farm in Princeton, NJ this year. We ended up not turning it into a girls weekend again, which in hindsight, made the event not feel as special, so we decided that for years to come we will definitely get a B&B wherever we go.

Like the year before, walking up to the table was magical. This year it was set back in the farm, so we had to walk through the farm to get to it, which was nice, because we got to explore. We walked around with glasses of wine, and munched on hors-d’oeuvres of eggplant caponata, garlic, rosemary, and tomato focaccia, and beet tartar.


After everyone checked in, it was time for the tour of the farm. Since the group was so large, they split us up into two groups, and off we went. I think we were spoiled with such a great tour our first year, because unfortunately, this one was hard to hear, and we just kind of wandered off to the table.

After grabbing our plates, we sat down, and were ready to start our feast.


Course one was a Great Road farmer’s salad, made up of “everything under the sun” fresh from the farm, with an Argicola plum vinaigrette, paired with a 2013 Alba Vineyards Gewueztraminer. You really could taste how fresh everything was. It was so amazing to be eating food that had been grown right where we sat.


Course two were grilled Cape May clames with Blue Moon Acres Farm wilted greens, and Great Road Farm roasted tomatoes & thyme, paired with a 2013 Alba Vineyards Chardonnay. Just like last year, they were extremely accommodating for those who didn’t eat fish or meat, and had prepared a separate dish just for them.


Course three was the winner this year- Fossil Farms braised pork belly with Great Road Farm kimchi, poached hen egg, & Anson Mills rice grits, paired with a 2010 Alba Vineyards Heritage Cabernet Franc. I almost wish we didn’t have to share with other people at the table, because I totally could have eaten this entire thing myself. The pork belly melted in your mouth. The grits were the perfect texture. It was truly a magical culinary experience.


Finally, dessert was Solebury Orchards nectarine crumble with fresh whipped cream. I enjoyed the whipped cream the best, with the crumble mixed in. I am not a huge fan of nectarine, but it was still delicious.

Needless to say, there were no leftovers. We have been patiently counting down the days until the schedule for the 2016 season goes up on their website. Again, while it is a bit on the expensive side, the experience is completely worth it, and I highly recommend everyone trying at least once in their lives.



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