Rising Sun Snacks

We got to try out the Tailgate Party from Rising Sun Snacks and we were hooked! Rising Sun Snacks sources the best ingredients and develops innovative snacks to ship directly to you each month. They believe that finding the best organically grown ingredients overwhelmingly produces the best taste. That is why ALL of their products are made with organic and/or non-gmo ingredients. Rising Sun Snacks is a new day in snacking…for real.

America is in the midst of a food revolution. In this new day, you expect to know what you are eating, where it came from, and how it was grown.  You expect transparency, quality, convenience, and trust.  The Rising Sun Snacks team is committed to find ways to upend those expectations. 

Rising Sun Snacks is a model for what a modern food company should be.  Their goal is to do more than just feed people delicious snacks but ultimately to impact the way snacks are enjoyed while supporting our communities.

Rising Sun Snacks aren’t just naturally delicious, they invite you to a snacking experience.  The special sauce to the Rising Sun Snack brand is our themed monthly snack pack that include 5 hand-crafted seasonal snacks conveniently delivered to your door. They hand-craft their products because there is culinary technique needed to redefine what snacks should be.

They believe that the Food Movement in America today will only continue to advance through real continued culinary innovation.  Their team includes several trained chefs who spend day and night innovating with the best ingredients we can find.  The products aren’t shipped from all corners of the globe.  They find the best local organic ingredients and produce and pack our products by hand.  Hand-crafting snacks ensures that our quality standards are met and that there is a little “love” in every package.

You want us to use only organic ingredients so that you can trust what is in your pantry.  So we flipped traditional snack development processes.   In order to provide the best possible products, we believe we need to source the highest quality ingredients and to challenge the status quo of the types of ingredients traditionally used in snacks.


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At Rising Sun Snacks, the process is to focus on the best ingredients first and then determine what delicious and innovative snacks we can create. That’s a new notion for snacks.

In addition to looking for clean ingredients, their customers are busy people looking to slow life down if just for a minute. That’s why they ship from the kitchen directly to your door. Convenience extends beyond delivery but also in how snacks are packaged, snacking on the go happens now more than ever before and thats why they created resealable packaging so you can snack on your terms .  Every Rising Sun Snack product you receive will always be resealable.

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