The Cambridge Chili Cook Off

On Sunday November 6th marked the 5th Annual Chili Cook Off at The Cambridge on South Street. Local chefs entered bringing the best of their secret chili recipes to serve out to the hungry crowds after the Philadelphia Eagles football game.

Displaying IMG_0953.JPGThe event had is no entrance fee as the contestants for the competition were set up in the courtyard each with their chili in a crock pot. Chili has a long history in the world of food. There are chili recipes that date back to 1850 in Spain when dried meats and spices were boiled together. In 1893 The San Antonio Chili Stand helped popularize chili by allowing Americans to appreciate its taste. San Antonio was a tourist destination and helped Texas-style “chili con carne” spread throughout the South and West. Chili con carne is now the official dish of the Texas as designated in 1977.

At this cook-off every guest was free to walk around to the tables set up on the left and right of the courtyard to try samples of each chili.  Ballots were given out so that the crowd could vote on their favorite chili. Food an drinks were pay as you go, with special Pumpkin Beers and Ciders on tap. The three main judges for the event were Kelly Madiraca, Chris and Heather Fetfatzes.

When all the votes were in, the 1st place award of a $50 giftcard and Goose Island mirror was given to team “Chili Chili Bang Bang”. 2nd Place went to “El Diablo” with the prize of a $25 giftcard and Ballast Point gift basket including beers, tshirts, and glassware . 3rd Place was awarded to “2 Chicks 1 Chili“, and Honorable Mention went to “Crazy 4 Swayze”.

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