Luke’s Lobster

Let me start by saying the idea of “fast/casual dining” and fresh seafood was not a combination I had even thought of. I have never ventured into Long John Silver’s and I am far too old to consider “fish sticks” for a meal. Once I moved into Philadelphia I noticed the way people would buzz and light up when talking about Lobster Rolls.

The finer seafood establishments in the area feature a Lobster Roll on their menu usually in the $25+ price range. To me it seems expensive to pay for something that might not be the highest quality. Many Lobster Rolls look like the lobster meat is mixed with LOTS of mayonnaise and sometimes diced celery. These fillers didn’t appeal to me (especially when the price tag was so high).

Enter Luke’s Lobster, the haven of fast/casual seafood in Center City. Tucked away in the bottom of a building on 17th Street is a trendy little hipster looking spot complete with nautical decor and 6-8 tables. The menu is simplistic and the food is made with high quality seafood. Try a Lobster Roll (duh.), Crab Roll, or Shrimp Roll. Check out their daily soup specials like Lobster Bisque or Corn and Crab Chowder.


These Lobster Rolls are overflowing with juicy lobster meat lightly seasoned and the buttery roll is complimented by a swipe of mayo- add chips and a drink with the combo option. Can’t decide what to get? Try the Taste of Maine for a little bit of everything! (2 stone crab claws, 1/2 Lobster Roll, 1/2 Crab Roll, and 1/2 Shrimp Roll) Make sure to grab a Lobsta Mobsta card that gets 1 stamp for each Lobster Roll/Taste of Maine and can be redeemed for a free Lobster roll after 10 stamps!



Taste of Maine



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