El Camino Real

Mexican + BBQ = Heaven!!! How could you not LOVE El Camino Real?! Finding a restaurant that has married two of our favorite types of cuisine was very exciting. The BBQ portion of the menu may be stronger, but the Mexican food and fusion dishes all rock! Loaded fries, Nachos, Quesadillas with fillings like Pulled Pork or Cheesesteak, the Taco Salad, Fajitas, Buffalo Chicken, Mac and Cheese, etc. Try The Chronic you’ll thank us!

The Chronic- Mac N’ Cheese over Pulled Pork via Yelp

They also have a good amount of options for vegetarians which was a pleasant surprise. Try their seitan tacos (but keep in mind- it’s fried seitan! Which is perfectly delicious, it just wasn’t expected).

They have recently revamped the menu and the selection is great. French fries and tortilla chips (go bottomless for $1/person) also have a great seasoning sprinkled on them.

Grab the half-priced margaritas for happy hour, which is also offered late night! These pitchers of margaritas with a variety of flavors and tequilas are worth tasting.

Sometimes the plating/portions of food may seem awkward especially if you’re used to the enormous plates at your typical Mexican joint. Its also worth noting they may have the most outdoor seating of any restaurant in No Libs!

Also, it’s good to keep in mind that El Camino offers up take out, which has turned a couple “let’s stay in and be lazy” nights into “let’s stay in and eat delicious food” nights. (Try the Big Ass Burger!)


-Lea & Arielle

S’mores Bread Pudding

Cover photo via Yelp


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