Lithe Foods

Lithe Foods is promoting a lifestyle that promotes health and fitness working together! Eating right is a key ingredient to Lithe‘s “fit, hip, healthy” mantra. In addition to receiving muscle-shaking workouts, Lithe now offers a smart way of eating designed to reduce cravings, maximize energy levels, and build your “lithest, leanest body yet.”

Lauren Boggi developed the Lithe program during her years cheerleading at USC where she tore her rotator cuff. During her rehab she developed workouts based on pilates and added to those from her experience as a cheerleader. She opened her first studio in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia in 2005 and then expanded to Rittenhouse, Old City, and the Mainline. She looks forward to expanding the lifestyle brand in the future to more cities. 

“Lithe is Cardio-Cheer-Sculpting® (CCS). CCS is a proprietary blend of muscle-shaking cardiovascular, cheerleading-inspired aerobic, and strength training exercises created by former University of South Carolina cheerleader, Lauren Boggi. CCS is used along with Lithe’s signature Higher Power Band System®, innovative props, & specialty equipment to fill the gaps left behind by traditional workouts, burning fat and sculpting muscle in record time to help women achieve their best bodies yet! With over forty 60-minute classes in rotation and constant innovation and addition of new routines, moves, and props, Lithe is ever-evolving and never fails to keep fitness fresh, fun, and fiercely effective.”

Lithe Foods started up in 2010. Lithe Foods menu rotates every few weeks and is lean, local, and seasonal. The majority of the products are vegetarian or vegan. Their philosophy is simple: they believe in “Eating Lithe” (aka eating clean), and insist on an organic (whenever possible), locally-sourced, plant-rich diet that is fun, fresh, nutritious and delicious.  

Lithe Foods include juices, smoothies, breakfast items, salads, soups, dinners, desserts, and snacks. Items are currently sold on location at Lithe Rittenhouse, Old City, and Main Line studios, and for delivery via CaviarWe sampled a little bit of everything, including:

  • Greenie: kale, spinach, apple, pineapple, lemon, and ginger. $8
  • The Vert: kale, cucumber, celery, apple, lemon & ginger. $8
  • Cashew Milk: cashew, water, cinnamon, vanilla extract, Himalayan sea salt, & coconut nectar. $10
  • Lavender Lemonade: lavender, lemon & honey. $6
  • Roasted Banana and Raw Cacao Oatmeal: Organic steel cut oats, almond milk, roasted banana & raw cacao puree, vanilla extract, honey. $7
  • Earthshine Bowl: greens, mushroom, sweet potato, balsamic vinaigrette. $10
  • Lithe Bar: Raw cashews, dried apricots, date paste, raw honey, raw pumpkin seeds, raw cashew butter, raw sunflower seeds, coconut oil, kale, freeze dried kale, coconut raw cacao powder, flax seeds, chia seeds, sea salt. $5

Our favorite drink was Greenie, green juice which is a lightly sweetened and perfect for a refreshing health drink. They’ve got all types of lemonade including charcoal, spicy, and lavender variations. Start your morning with the Roasted Banana and Raw Cacao Oatmeal you will not be disappointed. Look out for more oatmeal varieties including Strawberry Rhubarb, Carrot Cake, Peanut Butter, and other seasonal flavors. The Earthshine Bowl and salad options also make great use of seasonal vegetables. And a Lithe Bar is a great snack or combine it with a juice for more of a meal replacement. 

All Lithe Foods cold-pressed juices are made with a Norwalk Press.They are also a non-pasteurized product,- which means they do not heat their products or use HPP (high pressurized processing). They offer a cleanse once a month that may be pre-ordered that includes 7 juices, smoothies, and soup for $75/day or $125 for 2 days. They also offer Bone Broth which is very popular with clients. Its made from roasted beef bones and chicken feet that are boiled down into stock which is full of cologen and amino acids. They suggest drinking it everyday for a week and frozen it lasts up to a year. 

Look for Lithe special events and happy hour! These types of events occur after class on Friday’s and weekends. Lithe juices mix well with alcohol to create, what they call a Skinny Heathen cocktail! Lemonades mix easily and most recently the offered a Grapefruit and Pear Mimosa in the morning at a Be Well Philadelphia event. Keep an eye out for outdoor Lithe classes to be offered in the Spring and Summer!



Additional images courtesy of Lithe. We would like to thank Jill and Katie for hosting and allowing us to sample Lithe Foods.


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