Since Neon Lobster opened in March 2016, South Philly has never had such quick access to gourmet seafood! If you love Lobster Rolls you have to check this place out. Everything is $10 or less. Lobster rolls come two ways: Maine Style- cold and dressed in mayo, or Connecticut-style (a rare find in Philly), warm and drenched in herb-butter.

Owner George Forman grew up going back and forth between Atlantic City and South Philly, where he eventually decided to open his “boardwalk style” seafood take-out spot at 3rd and Snyder. With Neon Lobster, he hopes to bring affordable quality seafood to Philadelphia.

Live lobsters are delivered twice a week and the entire lobster is used in making the lobster rolls (not just the claw meat). You can find all your favorite seafood items for sale including crabcakes, calamari, mussels, bacon-wrapped scallops, coconut shrimp, shrimp salad, and more. With limited seating, Neon Lobster is best for take-out, but they are looking to offer sidewalk seating as the weather warms up.

I loved the warm Lobster Roll more than the cold since, I’m not a fan of mayo. The seasoning on the lobster roll was perfect with a squeeze of fresh lemon combined with the buttery roll it was a sure win for $10! The french fries were also perfectly crispy. And as for the Bacon Wrapped Scallops, how can you dislike anything wrapped in bacon?! Answer: you can’t.

Whole steamed lobsters are available around 1.25-1.5 lbs. Mussels are offered with linguine in either a red marinara or white wine sauce. If you love burgers, then you should surely try the Surf N’ Turf Burger topped with a lobster claw and Jalapeno tartar sauce.

Gluten-free customers can also enjoy options here, including salads like Mixed Greens or Caesar topped with grilled shrimp or chicken. Delivery is available on Grubhub. Also for tailgating and catering orders free delivery is offered!


– Lea

We’d like to thank George Forman for taking the time to speak with us and sample some items from Neon Lobster.

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