Milkboy South Street

South Street’s newest bar and restaurant begun as a Milkboy recording studio. Owners Jamie Lokoff and Tommy Joyner opened in Olney and then moved to Ardmore, opening MilkBoy Coffee around the corner as a quaint coffee shop and music venue.  Then it was off to midtown Philadelphia for bigger and better space with a liquor license too. Fast forward to August 2, 2016 with the opening of Milkboy South Street. Formerly Lickety Split and after Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer a bi-level concept: Alleged Pizza on the bottom, 2nd State Lounge on top; which didn’t last long.


Lucky for us, MilkBoy South Street is here. With a music venue, as well as bar and restaurant on both top and bottom floors, plus the signature garage doors on the side. Outside seating will also be available in the near future.

MilkBoy’s executive chef Chris Beyer is running both kitchens with a menu of “elevated bar-fare”, alongside bar manager Evan Maffiore who has set up a cocktail and beer-heavy menu which includes a six-tap, all-PA draft list. We love the atmosphere at Milkboy, although you might think it only appropriate for drinking we highly encourage you to check out the menu. But feel free to start off with a local beer or some great cocktails. We loved the Blueberry Smash  with mescal, luxardo, lime and blueberry, and the Clover Club with plymouth, lillet, egg white, raspberry, and lemon.

If you’re ordering food and like a kick of heat, we loved the Chile Habanero hot sauce which is bright green and delicious, we could easily kill an entire bottle of this stuff. If you’re looking for something cheesy may we suggest the Cheese Curbs. This Milkboy signature item started at their 11th street location since they are officially a Green Bay Packers bar. This dish was created for the “cheeseheads” who would frequent the bar to watch football. The Bacon Bowl is also served at both South Street and 11th Street. This bowl o’ bacon features applewood smoked, honey, and buttermilk ranch.

The Nachos are also served at both locations piled high with jack cheese, refried beans, chile de arbol, pickled red onion, and sour cream. We added the Mojo Pork which is slow-cooked with citrus, orange, and lime. You can also find this delicious pork in the Cubano sandwich- Chef Chris’s favorite. The Corn Dogs are also a popular bar snack.

Being french fry lovers you’ll have to go to Milkboy South Street for this indulgent Breakfast Fries. Brunch will start in September, but right now you can get these fries topped with homemade scrapple, sausage gravy, smoked bacon and a sunny-side up egg.


Many menu items can also be easily made gluten-free. If you’re vegetarian or vegan don’t fret either, Milkboy has got an amazing Seasonal Salad with greens, beets, red onion, mandarin orange, sunflower seeds, and goat cheese.  This salad is actually one of their best selling menu items! The Roasted Mushroom & Seitan sandwich is also served at both locations and a filling meal with mushroom jus and american thyme cream cheese on a long roll.

Every sandwich is served with fries and we’re so glad that Chef Chris tried out 18 different variations to perfect these fries. They’re also being served with signature sauces like Cactus Mustard which is like honey mustard with agave syrup, asian-inspired BBQ sauce, a garlic aioli deemed Tommy Sauce, and 1001 Island Dressing, one better than 1000 Island.

Of course we can’t miss these burgers either. Every patty at Milkboy is cooked “White Castle style” steamed with onions to come out extra juicy. We loaded up with the Hangover Burger complete with chili mayo, carmalized onions, bacon, egg, pickled peppers, and american cheese. And you’ll have to try the Chicken Cheesesteak too. The guajillo pepper marinade gives the chicken great flavor and an orange color like a buffalo chicken cheesesteak, plus the Delco lager beer cheese sauce is to die for.

But the most exciting thing about Milkboy South Street just might be that they’re making homemade ice cream; French custard based smooth and creamy. Traditionalists will go crazy for the rotating Cereal Milk flavors  like Fruity Pebbles, Captain Crunch, Coco Puffs, or Cinnamon Toast Crunch (which sold out in hours)! The more adventourous types will enjoy the Hopped flavor with malt syrup and fresh hops brewed into the custard this ice cream has got the savory bitterness of an IPA. And to substitute for after-dinner coffee there is Espresso flavor with caramel sweet cream.

Stop by Milkboy South Street for lunch, dinner, and late-night (the bar’s open till 2 am daily AND the kitchen’s open till midnight Sunday through Wednesday, and 1 am Thursday to Saturday). Brunch begins in September and delivery is available via Caviar!

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