Jane G’s Restaurant

One of our favorite places to go in city for authentic Szechuan is Jane G’s Restaurant. It opened at 1930 Chestnut Street in August 2012, when we first moved to Philadelphia. Before we knew it, we were regulars here. Whether its free delivery or dining inside their sophisticated modern dining room, Jane G is sure to impress. And we’re excited to announce that in October 2016, a second location will open at 40th and Chestnut Street in University!

The owner has been in the United States for 33 years and moved to Philadelphia from New York to open her restaurant. She focuses on an authentic menu for her customers and her master chef is from China. His greatest dish is his All-You-Can-Eat Hot Pot for which he takes 4 hours to make the broth! He uses over 50 ingredients and this dish can be ordered for up to 50 people. 

The Chinese Hot Pot has a history of more than 1000 years. Hot Pot is considered to be a festive dinner feast, great for small groups or large parties. A steaming pot of boiling broth is placed at the center of the table. Ingredients should be placed into the pot to be cooked and accompanied with different sauces. They specialize in Sichuan Ma La Hot Pot. A fagara perfume based stock (4 Star Spicy) Vegetarian, & Pork Stock are all available.

One of the things we love most about Jane G’s is the spice- every dish has a customizable spice level from 1-5. Believe us when we tell you that 5 is HOT! Some of our favorite dishes to start include Jane’s Dan Dan Noodles (a must-order) Shanghai egg noodles with light soy sauce and topped with minced beef, this noodles are stirred table-side and the flavor combination is beyond unique!

We also love the Scallion Pancakes which are made-to-order and served with jalapeno soy sauce and the Sesame Soy Brussel Sprouts perfectly crisped. Don’t forget dumplings, which lots of options including Truffle Edamame Dumplings, Soup Dumplings, and for some spice Chili Oil Dumplings. 

Stop by Monday-Friday for their $12 Lunch Special offering a soup and an entree with white or brown rice. We really enjoyed the Sesame Chicken and String Bean Stir Fry with Chicken for something a bit less spicy. And we can’t pass over a deal with some Wonton Soup. 

If you’re a noodle lover than we’re also recommend trying the Singapore Mei Fun or Pad Thai which are both gluten-free dishes made with rice noodles. The Vegetable Dumplings and Scallion Pancakes are also gluten-free! And when it comes to noodles we also cannot resist an order of Lo Mein made with vegetable, pork, beef, chicken, or shrimp.

For some authentic spicy Szechuan we’d recommend the Dry Pepper Chicken, Dry Pot Beef, or Boiled Hot Sauce Fish. The Dry Pepper Style is lightly breaded and stir fried with hot dry chili peppers for a crispy finish. The Dry Pot Style is served in a mini wok with chili peppers, onions, bell peppers, giant leeks, and ground fagara. Boiled Hot Sauce is really saucy, stewed in hot red chili broth and served on bed of napa cabbage.

For some more vegetables add Sichuan String Beans or Chinese Eggplant to your meal. No matter what you order here, you can’t go wrong. They even smoke their own Tea Duck and Peking Duck in house! Reservations can be easily made via Opentable. The restaurant is large enough to accommodate private parties and also has outdoor seating available. So stop by or order yourself some take out or free delivery- you won’t be sorry.

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