Pennhurst Asylum

This is not your typical Halloween haunted house. The fear here is real. On the eerie grounds of Spring City, PA (just a short drive from Philadelphia) sits the Pennhurst Asylum, a chilling, haunted attraction with a long history of ghostly tales. The former mental institution, which opened in 1908, was once a cursed hospital.


In 2010, the abandoned hospital was transformed into a haunted attraction that draws thrill-seekers from around the nation. Tickets are available now till October 30th for the attraction. The paranormal activity that exists at Pennhurst has been investigated, documented and has even led four workers to quit! This October, Pennhurst Asylum has created new scare strategies to take the haunted house experience one step further. The tours feature top-notch costumes, props, actors and thrills guaranteed to make you anxious to enter and petrified when exiting.


Pennhurst has several attractions to give fear-goers a unique experience each time they visit. The popular attraction, The Pennhurst Asylum, includes a hospital-themed walk-through with original artifacts from the hospital. The Dungeon of Lost Souls takes visitors down drafty halls to old cells where human experiments once went horribly wrong. This show includes CGI special effects, illusions, great detail and amazing actors.Under the grounds of the hospital lies The Tunnel Terror, a 900-foot long gauntlet filled with terrifying scenes. Upgraded with amazing catacombs, new sets and scares, this attraction is guaranteed to produce screams. Last but not least is the uniquely terrifying Ghost Hunt, a self-guided tour through the most active part of the hospital’s grounds. Hold onto flashlights tightly through an unveiled abandoned wing of the hospital! The Ghost Hunt includes an all new walking tour of an abandoned section of the infamous Pennhurst property. 14568058_1388402681188973_5059334533575440327_n
While Pennhurst is one of the biggest haunted attractions on the East Coast, it is also one of the most charitable. This year, their goal is to raise $30,000 for children with disabilities. Causes and organizations that Pennhurst supports includes: The Humbled and Hungry, Save Senior Pets and Arlo Dennis’ Journey.

Pennhurst Haunted Attractions are open to Halloween fans through October 30th. On Thursday’s and Sunday’s, tours run from 6:30 – 9:30 p.m. On Friday’s and Saturday’s, tours run from 6:30 – 10:30 p.m. Tours can be purchased individually or in combination for multiple tours. Student nights are every Thursday in October. Students receive a $10 discount with current ID. Military ID’s also receive a discount. Tickets are also available for daytime photography. Come see Pennhurst and bring your camera! Tours are guided and will not allow anyone to enter buildings that are not certified by the state. You will receive a tour of the entire property by real Pennhurst state school employees! Tour will be from 12pm-2:30pm on the dates listed online.



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