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To get into the Halloween spirit, we stopped by to check out the Grim Philly Oktoberfest Halloween & Haunted Tavern Tour. They also offer Ghosts & Graveyards,  and Vampires, Sex, and Ghost Tour year round. Expert tour guides provide locals and tourists alike a multiplicity of edgy ghost tours with a high standard for R-rated educational macabre with all tours departing from Old City. Unlike other Halloween themed tours, Grim Philly tours take place year-round for the eternal Halloween lover.


Fill your bellies on marzen lagers, moonshine, and Halloween and Oktoberfest sweat treats, while regaling in Grim Philly’s famous brand of R-Rated grit- in lost pagan traditions in divination and the dead while toasting with the ghosts of Olde City’s notoriously sordid colonial era haunts where our Founding Fathers were known to enjoy a spirit or two themselves.

Ghost stories, toasting, trivia for additional shot give-a-ways and prizes abound on this social drinking and feasting evening out sharing the night in to the witching hour with good friends old and new. Oktoberfest, Halloween, stories of witches and ghouls, and, colonial and craft beer secrets are shared on thsi wicked cool Grim Philly adventure of entertaining learning and fun! 

Our tour met outside Independence Visitor Center as we walked to visit to Benjamin Franklin’s grave, Christ Church, and Quaker Meeting House. Our guide, Joe Woije, founder of Grim Philly and professor at Rider University, shared stories with us about grave robbers, ghosts, witches, and vampires. He rewarded guests with candy for answering trivia questions correct. After about an hour of story telling we stopped into Old City to check out the bars featured on the tour offering drink specials including Bierstube, JJ Bootleggers, and Zento.

During the fall season, tours are conducted seven days a week. Combo tickets are available for multiple tours. This year, new tours include first-time family options with both Séances and Ghost Hunting. The new Séance tour allows guests the opportunity to immerse themselves within a ghost story. This tour is perfect for the enthusiastic believers as well as the skeptics. Guests may experience ghostly whispers and touches as the tour features a live Séance with a medium. Visitors can also enjoy a Ghost Hunting tour with local expert, Laurie Hull-McCabe. This all-ages fall edition hunt for the paranormal throughout haunted Old City is sure to wow guests as they explore America’s most historic and haunted city.

In addition to these thrilling new tours, Grim Philly’s third new family option (with warning) includes the new Halloween Ghost and Graveyard tour expanding Grim’s typical mature-only audience tours. Gain exclusive access to chilling sites missed by other ghost tours with this tour that highlights the origin of the Halloween tradition, witchcraft, zombies, magick, and all matters of undead antebellum folkloric Philadelphia traditions. Tour tickets and booking available year-round online.


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