ChocAmo Cookie Cups

Award-winning, Philadelphia-based dessert company, ChocAmo, is excited to announce that their company reached nearly 40% of their Kickstarter goal during the first weekend of the campaign. Check out their project for delicious rewards including a coffee Cookie Cup set, Ice Cream Sundae Kit and for the first time ever kosher and even gluten friendly options are available!


Chief Cookie Officer and first generation Philadelphia entrepreneur, Michelle Silberman, first began prototyping the Cookie Cup in college. Now, ChocAmo’s signature Cookie Cups are made from scratch with only the best ingredients, and come in several delectable flavors. The fan favorites include Chocolate Chipster, Mocha Dream, Red Velvet, Birthday Cake and Blondie.


The team recently polled their favorite Cookie Cup fillers: ice cream, espresso, wine and cocktails. Oh – and classic milk and cookie shots, of course. This crowdfunding project will allow ChocAmo to share the experience of Cookie Cups with everyone by helping them to design and purchase a new machine to increase the number of Cookie Cups they can crank out per hour.

The team is excited to expand production capacity, increase margins, and position the company to work with distributors. These efforts will increase ChocAmo’s availability in grocery stores and cafes near you! Currently, ChocAmo’s creations can be found in Philadelphia’s new Whole Foods Market; but with the launch of this campaign, Cookie Cups can be ordered right from the comfort of your couch. Join the snack time revolution and experience everyone’s favorite childhood dessert with a modern twist! #loveatfirstbite


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