Lick My Dip

Lick My Dip is here to help people discover new hot sauces and spicy food from British and European small batch products shipped monthly by the box. Since launching in April 2015, they’ve been working closely to find the very best hot products, shout about them, make recipes with them and send them to members each month often before they’ve been launched into the market!

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We got to try a box from Lick My Dip and loved getting these unique products shipped to us, when they’re not available in the United States. Take your pick from a Taste Box for a monthly sample of 1 Hot Sauce and a couple of other treats or go for the Ultimate Box to receive a packed out box full of spicy goodies. An Ultimate Box is crammed full with two premium hot sauces and at least four other spicy goodies such as mayos, chutneys, cooking sauces, spicy snacks and other treats while a Taste Box offers one hot sauce and a couple of treats from the Ultimate Box. All the products featured are made by small batch suppliers around the UK and Europe using premium ingredients and super-hot chilies, the kind of quality and variety you just can’t find on the high street.

Lick My Dip was founded by Dave, a former world touring punk rock violinist with a passion for discovering new stuff and a crippling addiction to spicy food. He delved into the hot sauce community and immediately fell in love with the variety of sauces, products and the people who made them. He spent a fortune stocking up on hot sauce and made a bunch of new like-minded friends.

The idea wasn’t far behind to launch a monthly hot sauce subscription service via Kickstarter, with the aim of broadening people’s spice horizons and making the thrill of discovering new chili products just that much more accessible. Fast forward to now – we’re proud to be shipping the finest British and European small batch spicy products all over the world! 


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