Kayu Foods

Kayu Foods is the newest addition to 1717 Arch Street at Top of the Tower. Kayu brings feel good eating with fresh colorful ingredients, clean and flavorful proteins, available over greens, grains or your very own customizable soup. The fabulous team behind Matt & Marie’s has opened this new concept only a few months ago. The name stems from the Indonesian word for wood, because this food is health conscious and should be the strong core of a good diet. Customers can stop by Monday to Friday 7:30 am to 4 pm, or place an order via Grubhub or Caviar to pick from a variety options at Kayu.


Start your morning off with some Colombian coffee and a bagel. Liscio’s Bakery provides the bagels at Kayu that are filled with lots of fresh-mixed cream cheese options like the Vedge cream cheese, cucumber, onion, and tomato or the Mediterranean with house-made hemp oil hummus, cucumber, tomato, and chobani yogurt tzatiki. The Hot & Sweet has cream cheese, sriracha, pineapple, and honey. The Oatmeal Style bagel even has cream cheese, brown sugar, walnut, and raisin. For a lighter morning option Steel cut oatmeal cup or Chobani Greek yogurt bowl with each you’ll get your choice of 3 toppings like  honey, granola, wheat berries, dried fruit, yogurt raisins, brown sugar, walnuts, cashews, sunflower seeds, toasted almonds, flaxseeds and more!


For lunch there is a variety of soups and salads which you can order from the menu or create your own. With these cold months of winter ahead, we’re always craving soups. The Tomato Basil Soup and Creamy Potato soup bases are both vegetarian and gluten-free. One of our favorites was the Southwestern Tomato Soup made with tomato basil soup base, morena chicken, shredded asiago cheese, and topped with herbed croutons. Other options include Potato Cauliflower Soup with creamy potato soup base, sauteed cauliflower, and shaved Parmesan or the Chicken & Veggie Soup with chicken and vegetable soup base, plain chicken breast, and long grain rice.


For salads, each customer is given the opportunity to create your own or choose from signature options like The Southwestern with baby spinach, morena grilled chicken, cinnamon roasted sweet potatoes, long grain brown rice (GF), shredded asiago cheese, and spicy avocado dressing or The Mega with spring mix, warm grains, grilled chicken breast, feta, spicy broccoli, roasted carrots, cinnamon sweet potatoes, shredded brussel sprouts, roasted beets, and house balsamic.

When it comes to salads we love the options of different greens like spring mix, romaine, kale blend, and arugula. For winter, Kayu also has warm grains to make your meal more hearty. These warm grains are gluten-free, made with a mix of lentils, long grain brown rice, and red quinoa. Add in some proteins like chopped chicken breast, tuna with apples, root vegetables and zucchini, chilean salmon, seasonal chicken salad, roasted shrimp and more. And finish by topping with your choice of homemade dressing!

The new Winter menu debuts signature items like the Root n’ Earth Warm Grain Bowl made with warm grains, roasted root veggies & zucchini, sautéed cauliflower, chick peas,and  shallot vinaigrette or the Beetin’ Heart Warm Grain Bowl with warm grains, feta cheese, fresh roasted beets, lightly sautéed carrots, and house balsamic vinaigrette. We loved the Chilean Salmon Warm Grain Bowl with warm grains, chilean salmon marinated in lemon & dill, roasted cauliflower, roasted carrots, fresh raw spinach, and hemp dijon dressing.

So stop by Kayu Foods to get your fill of good healthy eating. And for dessert, you can even reward yourself with a homemade cookie, because you’ve earned it!




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