The Baker’s Jar

The Baker’s Jar  opened in early 2014 at 625 South 16th Street. But this is not your typical bakery, let us tell you why. Each mouthwatering cake, pie, and pudding is perfectly portioned and elegantly packaged in its very own Mason jar. Simplicity, sweetness, and elegance are radiated from the treats as well as the store itself. The result is a menu full of carefully considered, beautifully baked treats, whose exposed layers leave your mouth watering and your mind stumped as to which flavor to choose (our advice: all of them).

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The shop is owned by Avery Goldman who comes to Philadelphia from New Haven, CT. After graduating from Earlham College, a small liberal arts school in rural Indiana, Avery chose Philadelphia as her new home for the small town feel of its diverse and distinctive neighborhoods.  She worked for several years in bakeries and catering companies around the city before choosing to focus on a place of her own serving up a variety of deserts with equal parts form and function.

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The Baker’s Jar happily provides treats to all customers, from walk-ins to cross-country catering. Stop in for a cup of La Columbe Coffee while you enjoy the Apple Crumb cake, made with local apples, from 3 Springs Farm, and homemade caramel sauce, cinnamon, nutmeg, and baked with a crumb topping. Or try the Pumpkin Cake – lightly spiced pumpkin cake topped with a cream cheese frosting.We loved sampling the Gingerbread Cake, topped with peppermint whipped buttercream icing it is the perfect holiday dessert.  For all our chocolate lovers, we’d recommend the Dulce De Leche Brownie which is a rich fudge brownie layered with smooth dulce de leche.

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Don’t forget the Happy Birthday Cake with vanilla cake filled with sprinkles and topped with vanilla frosting to surprise someone on that special day! And of course the Ruby’s Carrot Cake is always a staple with moist carrot cake spiced just right and finished with cream cheese frosting.

These tasty treats will be available all winter long, on top of her melange of other jars. It’s like eating something that your grandmother used to make, only it looks prettier. Holiday Pies will be available as well for your fall party needs! You can pick from the decadent Pecan Bourbon Pie, or traditional apple pies with locally sourced apples! If you’re the type who like to bake, they even sell pre-measured baking jar kits filled to the brim with quality ingredients for making your own creation right at home! Green Aisle Grocer preserves and chutneys are also for sale in store. Chef Goldman has made it a priority to provide customers carefully crafted treats with uncompromising attention to taste and presentation. The beautifully constructed treats are perfect for weddings, bridal showers, gender reveals, corporate events, simple gifts, or just a pick-me-up. Catering orders start at a minimum of 6 jars. The Baker’s Jar even provides a custom label option so customers can create the perfect aesthetic feel to accent the divine taste of the treat within the jar.




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