Snap Kitchen Breakfast

Snap Kitchen has launched some new breakfast items sure to make your morning routine flawless. We’re always told how breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not fuel yourself with something healthy and delicious? Founded in 2010 in Austin, TX, Snap Kitchen aims to provide healthy, handmade meals for busy people. Established on the principle that real food should be convenient and delicious, and they live for making healthy meals that people will be excited to eat. Snap now spans three states with on demand delivery and 40+ shops located throughout Austin, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, and Philadelphia with additional locations inside select Whole Foods.


If you love oatmeal for breakfast, Snap Kitchen has a Maple Banana Oatmeal which is vegetarian and dairy free with maple roasted bananas and crunchy organic flax seeds. Their newest variety is the AB&J Oatmeal Bowl which is vegan and dairy free. Both of course are gluten free! This new version of oatmeal is a play on the classic nostalgic flavors of your childhood PB&J and elevates them for the adult palate. It starts with gluten free steel cut oats, quinoa, and organic flax seed for a base of complex carbs, fiber, plant protein, and essential fats. And it’s all topped with almond butter, homemade strawberry compote, and candied sliced almonds.



And who can resist a good breakfast sandwich? Perfect for on the go eating and its paleo as well as gluten free! Snap Kitchen has introduced the Turkey Sausage Breakfast Sandwich perfect for your busiest mornings. Snap Kitchen bakes thier own buns with a mix of almond flour, coconut flour, egg, extra virgin olive oil, organic apple cider vinegar, and cauliflower! This bread is sure to satisfy your cravings and is made with ingredients you can actually pronounce. The turkey sausage patty is also homemade and paired with a cage-free, Certified Humane egg whites to give you a great portion of protein to start your day. Who says you can’t eat veggies for breakfast?


The Superfood Sunrise Salad is breaking down all per-conceived notions of breakfast food. This vegetarian breakfast salad is loaded with baby spinach for a leafy green base full of fiber, vitamin K and A. It also includes roasted butternut square, Brussels sprouts, fresh blueberries, purple cabbage, and a cage-free egg cooked over easy. Don’t forget the pink strawberry vinaigrette. Enjoy this salad chilled or slightly warm- plus it’s Whole 30 approved. Don’t wait, try a salad for breakfast before it leaves the menu in December!


Of course, Snap Kitchen has also added a classic Breakfast Platter for its customers. Complete with hearty protein, healthy fat, and no added sugar. Enjoy scrambled eggs made with a 1:1 ratio half cage-free egg whites and whole eggs. Egg whites not only provide protein, but also provide selenium, vitamins A, D, E, K, B6, B12, zinc, iron, and copper. Snap Kitchen also partnered with a local supplier in Ponder, TX to create these custom pork sausage patties made from antibiotic-free pork and no added nitrates or sugar. The platter is completed by cheesy cauliflower grits-  yup there are veggies in there!


Last, but certainly not least is our personal favorite Snap Kitchen breakfast dish. The Spinach Goat Cheese Scramble, a vegetarian classic. This dish is made with scrambled egg whites, and loaded up with so many delicious flavors from fresh baby spinach, roasted sweet potato chunks, fresh grape tomatoes, sauteed onions, and a dollop of goat cheese. We highly recommend trying this dish out!



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