Snap Kitchen’s Fall Menu

Now that we’ve turned back the clocks for Daylight Savings and  Snap Kitchen is turning back the dial on some of your favorite dishes. They’ve reinvented some take out classics with a healthy conscious twist and you’re going to want to try. Snap Kitchen allows you to skip the meal prep, say no to cooking and grab everything you need for healthy and delicious meals! With over 50 handmade meals to choose from customers can just heat when ready without the fuss of prepping, cooking and cleaning after meals.

The newest addition to the menu is Snap Kitchen’s General Tso’s Chicken which promises everything you want in Chinese takeout, without the MSG hangover. This healthy version of the cult classic substitutes green beans, swiss chard, green onion and red onion as a base instead of rice. We love adding some Yellowbird Blue Agave Sriracha which has a sweet and spicy blend of ripe red chilies, garlic, and organic blue agave for some kick! Like Snap Kitchen, Yellowbird sauces are made in Austin, TX and naturally gluten free. They’re also available to purchase online or in Snap Kitchen stores.

batesChicken Pad Thai also gets a makeover with spiralized sweet potato noodles (plus its paleo and Whole30 approved). The homemade pad Thai sauce is a blend of olive oil, garlic, cilantro, red pepper flake, tamarind, rice vinegar, fish sauce, gluten free tamari, organic coconut sugar, arrowroot, and green onion adds authenticity to our healthy hacked take on this classic. Sweet potatoes are an awesome source of beta carotene, an antioxidant that functions as a vitamin A precursor. Betacarotene is a fat soluble nutrient, so the fat in this dish actually help your body absorb it!

And with football season in full gear, you’ll surely be craving the new Buffalo Style Chicken Bowl. Starting with sautéed carrot, celery, green cabbage, red onion, kale, and butternut squash, this provides a veggie heavy base for the topping of roasted sweet potatoes, shredded hot chicken thighs, creamy blue cheese sauce, and tangy, spicy buffalo sauce.  What’s more unbelievable is the blue cheese sauce is light made with organic blue cheese, cashew crema, lemon juice, and green onion.

Another twist on a tailgate classic is the Over Easy Burger with sweet potato wedges. This healthier option is paleo and Whole30 approved, using grass-fed beef and mushroom puree in the patty to add in moisture without the fat, plus the added spices to enhance that savory umami flavor. Snap Kitchen even found a pickle that meets Whole30 requirements along with creating homemade ketchup, Whole30 approved by using unsweetened applesauce.

When you’re craving chili or pizza, check out Snap Kitchen’s  Supreme Pasta. The answer to your next craving its made with brown rice fusilli and loaded with crumbled turkey sausage, housemade marinara, mushrooms, goat cheese and green olives topped with Parmesan and basil make this a hearty and distinctly pizza-inspired pasta.

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