Masala Kitchen


Oh my masala! We stumbled upon Masala Kitchen back in January 2016 when Vaishal Soni opened the original location at 12th and Walnut. Today they have opened at 2004 Chestnut Street in Rittnehouse while they are renovating their Midtown location- set to reopen Spring 2020. Their specialty is healthy, fast casual Indian street fare featuring Kati Rolls and platters- The have Kati rolls, a street-food dish originating from Kolkata, West Bengal. In its original form, it is a skewer-roasted kebab wrapped in bread, although over the years many variants have evolved. All the Masala Kitchen Kati rolls are made wrapped in a “Tawa Roti.” Platters are also offered with salad, and pita bread. 

I’ve always loved Indian food, but this was my first time trying a Kati Roll. Since I heard no where else in the city serves this dish, I tried the signature Chicken Masala and I LOVED it. Chicken Masala is chunks of chicken cooked in a creamy tomato sauce with red onion.  These Kati Rolls are surely the best way to eat Indian on the run. Other popular kati rolls include vegetarian options like Achari Paneer with Indian mango pickle sauce or Jeera Gobi with cumin spiced cauliflower and potato; both served with fresh green chutney and red onion. Masala is also debuting a new Chicken Tawa with homemade Indian spiced julienne chicken, fresh green chutney, and red onion. All rolls have the option to add egg for 50 cents. Plus when you buy any two rolls, get $1.00 off (excluding Aloo & Unda rolls).

If you’re into a bigger portion you should try a platter. The Chicken and Rice Platter and MK Special are the most popular dishes with chicken and rice. You’re going want to pour thier special white sauce and fiery red hot sauce on your platters or for dipping your Kati Rolls. You’re also want to try the Chicken Biryani made with overnight marinated chicken cubes cooked along with Basmati rice on slow fire for a fragrant and aromatic flavor. The pita and rice also help to cool down your taste buds. You can also sip on homemade Mango and Rose Lassi. Lassi is a traditional yogurt based Indian drink. Mango is the traditional flavor, but trust me, try something new and grab a Rose Lassi. The chef makes it with fresh rose petals and its so unique and delicious. 

It is not hard to see why lunch time or late night Masala Kitchen has been a huge success in Center City. So when you’re staying up past midnight on weekdays- forget the flavorless pizza and stop by till  3:30 am on Friday and Saturday! Plus they offer a full catering menu, so you can share this goodness with your whole office. Online ordering available now. 


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