Welcome to PhilMyTummy

Hi and welcome to our blog! Β We are two friends living in Philadelphia, who have a tendency to eat out… a lot. We first started an instagram account, @philmytummy, back in March, and recently have been thinking how we should start a blog. There are just so many places we go and photos we take (much to the chagrin of our friends and family, especially when we “accidentally use a flash”, tee-hee), and we want to share it with all of you!

Come join us on our adventure, as we continue to try new places, re-visit some of our favorites, and occasionally attempt to make our own culinary creations (don’t ever ask Arielle about that time she attempted to make homemade gnocchi…)




3 thoughts on “Welcome to PhilMyTummy

  1. Just found your blog via bluestone lane’s blog – everything looks delicious! Followed you in instagram too. I follow 1 or 2 food instagrams based in new york and it’s torture as I rarely make it up there. Looking forward to easily trying out the places you’ve recommended.

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