Anyone who doesn’t love pizza is someone I don’t want to be friends with. Which is why this first blog post is about pizza- it’s what I like to consider one of the most important staples of the American diet.

I’ve had my eye on this Northern Liberties pizza spot ever since I saw it being built. While some of my other favorite pizza joints in Philadelphia include Pizzeria StellaCapoffito, and Pizzeria Vetri, I’m always down to try new places, especially ones closer to home.

Feast your eyes on Spuntino. I’ve been here four times in the short time they’ve had their Philadelphia location open (since October 2015). And let me tell you, each time I wish I had a bigger stomach so I can continue to devour the delicious options this joint has to offer.

The food comes out super quick and the staff are always incredibly friendly. The tables are set family style- if you come here on a date, you will most likely end up sharing with a larger crowd. But who doesn’t love meeting new people, and possibly sharing a bite of their food? (Trust me, it’s happened before).

The pizzas are “individual” servings (no slices here!) I’ve always found, however, that when specialty pizza places say their pies are for one person, they’re usually for two.

Definitely Try: the cauliflower pizza and the eggplant pizza. For those who can’t live without meat on their pizza, they usually have at least one meat special of the week.

Best Time To Go: they are usually crowded on weekends (but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go!) They’re less crowded during the week, and at odd times on the weekend (because most people don’t eat lunch at 3pm).



Marinara Pizza: San Marzano Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes, Fresh Garlic, Basil
Cauliflower Pizza
Fattoria Salad: Spring Mix, Fresh Fruit, Walnuts, Goat Cheese, Raspberry Vinaigrette
Beet Salad
Capicola Pizza Special

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