Race Street Cafe

Located on the corner of 2nd and Race, this cafe has quite possibly the best turkey burger in the city. The restaurant itself is cozy, it’s quaint, it’s dark… it’s perfect. There’s seats outside for a nice day (although they’re doing construction across the street so it may be a little noisy while that’s goingContinue reading “Race Street Cafe”

Nom Nom Ramen

I grew up eating Cup of Noodles. I remember being at sleep away camp, sitting up with the rest of my bunk mates at 11pm (wayyyy past bed time), heating the Styrofoam cups from hot sink water, and then drowning the noodles in Frank’s Hot Sauce. Oh the memories. So when I learned that thereContinue reading “Nom Nom Ramen”


Anyone who doesn’t love pizza is someone I don’t want to be friends with. Which is why this first blog post is about pizza- it’s what I like to consider one of the most important staples of the American diet.