Nom Nom Ramen

I grew up eating Cup of Noodles. I remember being at sleep away camp, sitting up with the rest of my bunk mates at 11pm (wayyyy past bed time), heating the Styrofoam cups from hot sink water, and then drowning the noodles in Frank’s Hot Sauce. Oh the memories. So when I learned that thereContinue reading “Nom Nom Ramen”

Kung Pao Chicken

Blue Apron. Hello Fresh. Plated. Home Chef. What do all of these companies have in common? They all deliver fresh groceries straight to your door, with everything portioned out to the exact amount you’ll need to make  two servings of delicious meals. How do they work? Depending on which company you use, you select differentContinue reading “Kung Pao Chicken”


My junior year of college I studied abroad in England, and it was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. I have fond memories of going to a quaint little shop in between classes and having a “jacket potato” (what they call a baked potato), and trying mushy peas at a Fish &Continue reading “Stargazy”

Rex 1516

Rex 1516 is one of my favorite South Street discoveries since moving to Philadelphia. The cozy, plush, dark atmosphere of a London pub coupled with the warm comfort of Southern cuisine makes Rex irresistible. This spot is a great choice for a date night or celebration for parties of no more than 8. Open forContinue reading “Rex 1516”


Anyone who doesn’t love pizza is someone I don’t want to be friends with. Which is why this first blog post is about pizza- it’s what I like to consider one of the most important staples of the American diet.