My junior year of college I studied abroad in England, and it was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. I have fond memories of going to a quaint little shop in between classes and having a “jacket potato” (what they call a baked potato), and trying mushy peas at a Fish & Chips shop. So when I heard a traditional pie and mash shop was opening in South Philly, I immediately knew it would be on my list of places to go.

When you walk in, you are immediately hit with the smell of fresh pies. It’s deliciously overwhelming. There’s a small counter, where you can find the menu, as well as various packaged foods you could buy in England (you can get beans for your traditional English Breakfast, or even Salad Cream).


They always have the Traditional Beef & Onions on hand. The specials are updated daily, and from what I’ve seen, always have at least one vegetarian option as well. They do have eels on the menu, which I would have happily tried, however, my friend was turned off by them, so we decided to skip it this time.

After discussing the menu with our new friend behind the counter (chef and owner Sam Jacobson) and asking what he would recommend, we ended up with the 2 Pies, Mash, & Liquor (parsley gravy)- the Beef and Onion and the Spinach Pies.

They. Were. Delicious. Oh man, I wish I had a bigger stomach, because I could have seriously eaten 10 of these. The spinach pie was delicious- filled with artichokes and cheese and tasted exactly like spinach and artichoke dip. The beef and onion however, was the winner. And the mash… some of the best mashed potatoes I have ever eaten in my entire life. Don’t be off put by the green color in the liquor (no alcohol involved)- it added that extra bit of flavor and juice the pies needed, and brought everything together perfectly.

Everything about Stargazy was perfect. I will absolutely be coming back here again. Sam Jacobson did ย absolutely everything right with this restaurant.

Keep In Mind: They often sell out, so get there early. Also, they have a star baked into one pie a day, and if you just so happen to get it on your pie, you win a free pie! You can view all past winners on their Instagram account.



Cover Image Via Yelp


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