Race Street Cafe

Located on the corner of 2nd and Race, this cafe has quite possibly the best turkey burger in the city. The restaurant itself is cozy, it’s quaint, it’s dark… it’s perfect. There’s seats outside for a nice day (although they’re doing construction across the street so it may be a little noisy while that’s going on). Oh and their wings? They’re delicious too.

As soon as you walk in, make sure to take note of the chalkboard on the back wall. They have a list of their daily specials, both beer and food. My go to meal is definitely the spicy southwest turkey burger: jalapeno and cumin scented turkey burger with melted cheese, guacamole, lettuce, tomato, red onion, and pickle. While it comes with fries, I usually get a side salad, which comes with fresh tomatoes and a yummy vinaigrette. I also usually get a side of their wing sauce, because I like things spicy. This is a messy burger. The guacamole usually always, without fail, drips all over myself. But hey, I am so not ashamed to lick my fingers (mom, aren’t you proud of the lady you raised?)


I mean seriously, how good does that look? I also suggest ordering their wings. I find that it’s pretty easy to mess wings up- sometimes they’re overcooked, sometimes they’re undercooked (ew), sometimes the sauce is too messy, sometimes not enough sauce, the list goes on. But Race Street Cafe knows how to do wings- they’re the right amount of sauce, it’s the right level of spice, and they are cooked perfectly through.

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Photo Via Race Street Cafe

Their shrimp quesadilla is also pretty good. But don’t try to ask for it with a different protein! I was told the chef wouldn’t do it. I didn’t mind too much tho, it still hit the spot. Sometimes quesadillas break apart when you eat them, but not this one, which is always a plus.


Other suggestions: the buffalo chicken sandwich (although I always have gotten it grilled, not fried), the Race Street Burger, the Fish Tacos, and the Chicken Relleno Sandwich- seared chicken breast stuffed with ground pork, onion, Serrano & Fresno chillis, topped with ranchero sauce and Manchego cheese on a toasted YARDS ESA multigrain roll.

The ONE and ONLY thing I will say, is that sometimes the service is incredibly slow. It usually takes a while to get our food, so don’t go here if you’re looking for a quick bite.




Cover Photo and Burger Photo via Race Street Cafe


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