Close your eyes. Imagine a better version of Boston Market.  Take in the smell of fresh rotisserie chicken. Are you picturing it? Can you smell it? If you’re finding this imagery difficult, or if I’d just made you hungry for rotisserie chicken, pop over to Rotisseur, in Center City.

I’ll be completely honest with you. It’s not as cheap as Boston Market. It’s worth the $8.50 for the chicken bahn mi. Is it worth the $29.50 for the whole chicken and two sides? Ehhh, maybe. For someone like me, who isn’t the best cook (read: I much prefer ordering take out on my nights to make dinner), I wouldn’t mind spending that much for the ease of having dinner ready (aka I am lazy).

When I went, I tried the Chicken Bahn Mi- with pickled red cabbage, cucumber, cilantro, crispy chicken skin, lime, jalapeño, and banh mayo. It was good, although probably could have used a little more seasoning. I liked the crispy chicken skin, which added that necessary crunch I feel a sandwich needs. The pickled red cabbage was also the winner on this sandwich- it was done perfectly.

However, what stood out for me were the sides. When I went, I happened to get a side of chickpeas (which I’ve learned is a special, and not always on tap). I wish I had gotten a larger size, because I would have been happy enough if they were my entire meal.

Other sides at Rotisseur include mac-n-cheese, roasted potatoes, beets & feta, and kimchi. Other sandwiches include Tofu Bahn Mi and a BBQ chicken sandwich.

Keep In Mind: I went around dinner time, but I have heard that this place gets pretty crowded during lunch. So, if you are in the mood for some yummy chicken, make sure you are one of the first in line, or else you may be bringing it back to eat at your desk.



Cover Image Via Yelp


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