Fitler Dining Room

There is something absolutely magical about Fitler Dining Room. I’ve walked by many times and been eager to stare into the windows of this dimly lit restaurant. The inside is cozy, quaint, and romantic. You can grab a stool at the bar right outside the open kitchen and watch the cooks bustling to prepare your meal. I prefer the booths for 2 on the left side of restaurant which allow you to sit romantically side by side.

In the warmer months there is some outside seating, but overall this restaurant has limited seating ideal for parties of 6 or less. FDR is open for weekend brunch, lunch, and dinner, reservations can be made on Opentable. The wine list has limited options for wine by the glass and many more full bottle options.

For restaurant week we started with the Mussels and Chicken Biscuit. The Mussels came in a lovely tomato broth, smoky tasting with bits of ham. The Chicken Biscuit was served open with a sweet marmalade on the biscuit.



We sampled the Short Rib and Pork Chop for our entrees. I found my Pork Chop to be extremely buttery and flavorful with a pot pie gravy and arugula and fingerling potato salad. My boyfriend enjoyed the Short Rib, but wasn’t a fan of the onion rings. He said he wouldn’t preferred a soft, moist side dish like polenta to compliment the soft texture of the Short Rib.

For dessert we were a bit disappointed by the Apple Cobbler which seemed like it was just missing something. However, the Whoopie Pie was a pleasant surprise, it tasted like chocolate cake with marshmallow filling. Overall I had a very pleasant dining experience and would love to come back here for a nice brunch.




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