Knead Bagles

While we’re not New York, we Philadelphians do get pretty touchy about our bagels. They need to be the right texture, the right size, the right amount of chew, and the right density. Knead Bagels does a great job at meeting all of these requirements.

Located right across from Washington square, this little joint is not one to be missed. They have tables outside, to be used on a nice day, and plenty of seating inside (although it can get a little crowded on a Saturday morning). Go right up to the counter, read the specials for the day, and make your decision!


Images via Yelp

Knead Bagels prides themselves on being “non-traditional bagels”. Yes, they have your everything, plain, poppy, and garlic, but they also have Black Sesame, Superfood, Fennel Seed & Sea Salt, and Togarashi. Spreads include scallion lime cream cheese, lemon honey cream cheese, kimchee cream cheese, and hummus. (Don’t worry, they also have plain, roasted veggie, cinnamon raison, butter, and lox). They also have really interesting daily specials, so be sure to follow their Instagram to check them out. (They once had a Miso Soup Bagel with a Miso Tofu Spread, and a Dorito’s Crusted Bagel with Avocado Cream spread).

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 10.14.37 PM
Via Instagram: Orange & Dill bagel w/ roasted beet & goat cheese spread.

Whenever I’ve gone, I’ve almost always gotten an everything bagel with turkey bacon, egg, and cheese. While they recommend to get it with their special aioli, I’m not the biggest fan of it, and haven’t gotten it since that first time (but definitely try it, my boyfriend is a fan.)

It comes out hot and fresh, and you can really taste the bagel. This sure isn’t a Dunkin Donuts bagel- it’s made fresh on premises.


The one and only qualm I have with Knead is this: one time we bought some bagels to have when friends were staying with us over the weekend, and they didn’t stay as fresh as they should have for fresh bagels. Maybe we just got a bad batch. I’m not writing them off, and would try take out again, if necessary. I think they’re the best bagels in the Old City/Washington Square area, and would definitely take the time to check them out if you’re ever in that neighborhood.

Via Instagram: (1) 5 spice sausage with egg, Chinese broccoli, & caramelized pear; (2) egg, avocado, pickled cabbage & cherry pepper aioli

Via Instagram: (1) pink peppercorn bagel with roasted beet and honey cream cheese (all proceeds donated to the Pink Fund); (2) bagel grilled cheese & tomato soup

Keep in Mind: they sometimes sell out. Check their Instagram before you go, to see if they’ve posted whether or not they’re closed.



Cover Photo Via Yelp


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