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We were so excited to receive an invite to try out Snap Kitchen, opening today in Old City and tomorrow in Fairmount!  Snap Kitchen Philadelphia will be the first East Coast location for this Austin, TX based company. This healthy eatery features convenient grab-n-go meals, perfectly portioned and nutritionally balanced. Whether vegetarian, vegan, paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free, or nut-free, Snap Kitchen has something for everyone. 

Snap Kitchen strives on being a health conscious meal without having to sacrifice your diet when eating out. Every meal is individually packaged and color-coded with easy to read labels featuring nutrition facts and dietary restrictions. In fact, nothing in the store contains gluten besides the pita chips. The meals are easy to reheat with microwave and oven instructions on the packaging ideal for home or back at the office. The meals are made daily without preservatives from local, organic, and non-GMO products.

Whether you swing by for a quick lunch on the go or stock up your fridge for the week, Snap Kitchen offers the ultimate convenience—healthy, delicious meals, snacks, and juices that are free of compromise. – Snap Kitchen


Our delicious heat & eat meals are ready when you are, which means enjoying really good food couldn’t be easier or more convenient. Each of our entrees comes refrigerated, never frozen, with simple instructions on how to heat using your microwave or oven. Say goodbye to compromise and hello to a fresh take on fast. With Snap Kitchen, a healthy meal is always just a few minutes away. – Snap Kitchen

How it Works

When you walk in, you will notice the refrigerated case filled from top to bottom, left to right, with colorful drinks and containers of food. The concept of the company is pretty simple, to be able to get in and get out in a snap. Limited seated is available. In their Old City location, you will see all the beverages to your left when you first walk in. Everything from cold-pressed juices and Honest Tea to sparkling and flavored water. (We loved the Chai Chashew Shake!)


Continuing towards the back of the store will be all breakfast items, soups, and sides. Each meal label is easily color coded.

  • Red= Beef/Lamb
  • Yellow= Poultry
  • Green= Vegetarian
  • Blue =  Seafood

Meals come in small, medium, and large portion sizes. A small portion is for the “typical” female, medium portions are for those with a more active lifestyle, and the large portion is ideal for someone looking to build muscles or have some leftovers. Each recipe is created by Executive Chef Matt Reinhart and approved by a dietitian so you get balanced and nutritious meal.

The store and concept aren’t designed for dining in, although there are some seats in the front, and 2 microwaves in the back of the store. Homemade kale chips, granolas, gluten-free sweets, and jerky are also pre-packaged at the back of the store. Registers are to your right and then you’re all set to go!


We loved being able to try out some dishes at the Snap Kitchen Old City location and were even provided with champagne, props, and professional lighting to help stage the ultimate food photos. (Does anyone know if portable pocket-sized lights exist? I mean, I already embarrass everyone as it is taking photos while out to eat, I might as well do this right!) From all our samples, we would definitely recommend the Turkey Meatloaf, Chicken Bites (coated with almonds instead of breadcrumbs), Roasted Cauliflower, Chicken Tikka Masala, and the Turkey Chili. We can’t wait to try the Quinoa Stir Fry, Lamb Lasagna, and Coconut Crusted Shrimp!

Above: Chicken Tikka Masala, Turkey Chili, and Crispy Scottish Salmon

Above: Turkey Meatloaf and Bison Quinoa Hash

As the event came to a close, we were each given a reusable bag to take home and fill with whatever Snap Kitchen products we wanted to try. If these meals are any indication of what this store is capable of, we can tell you that everything is delicious (and while writing this post, I have received text confirmation from my boyfriend that “the chili eggs were delicious.”)

Philadelphia Locations:

  • Old City: 243 Market Street
  • Fairmount: 1901 Callowhill Street
  • Midtown (Jefferson Hospital): 1109 Walnut Street
  • Rittenhouse: 1901 Chestnut Street
  • Malvern: 5 S Morehall Road

*Old City and Fairmount locations open this weekend! Others will open in the following month.

-Arielle and Lea

We’d like to thank Snap Kitchen, Cashman & Associates, and all those involved for hosting such a great evening. We truly enjoyed ourselves and are very excited about this health conscious company opening up in Philadelphia!


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