Matt & Marie’s

Matt & Marie’s is Modern Italian asking the most important question of all – what’s your perfect sandwich? It has only been a year and a half since the opening of Matt & Marie’s flagship store at 18th and Arch, but Justin “Matt” Sapolsky and Nicole “Marie” Capp have already opened up a second location in Rittenhouse. They strongly believe that you should be able to get both a great sandwich and a welcoming service experience, even on the shortest of lunch breaks.

Nicole and Justin met at Wharton Business School and, less than two months later, began their journey as a catering company. Both share a love for food and Italian culture.

Nicole’s Brooklyn Italian American family came from Ischia, just outside of Capri Italy. Her great-grandparents immigrated to Brooklyn and opened and Italian grocery and sandwich shop. Justin married into a big Italian family, and his long-term goal of opening a restaurant played into his Wharton application essays. Their logo features a head of garlic and  an old Italian adage is painted inside the store, “He who uses garlic can do no wrong.

Whether it is bread, meats, cheeses, dessert, or beverages, Matt & Marie’s strives to serve with integrity. The products at their store feature name brands you would find in Italy such as illy coffee, San Pellegrino water, imported chocolates, and imported Tiramisu from Milan. They’re even supporting local South Philly favorite- Talluto’s, using their pasta.

Nicole and Justin have expanded in their second location. With additional seating on the second floor, they are now offering breakfast sandwiches in the morning, as well as pasta dishes in the afternoon. They’ve extended their hours to 8 pm in order to feed the after-work/early dinner crowd. Customers can create their own sandwich or salad, or order one of the store’s signature displayed on the brown paper rolls behind the counter.


Testarossa: thinly sliced roast pork, pancetta, sharp provolone, roasted long-hots, and pepperoncini aioli
Capri: handmade fresh mozzarella, red pepper pesto, tomato, basil, aged balsamic
Ducati Dealer: hot Italian sausage, house picked daikon radish, carrot, cucumber, pepperoncini aioli
Stuffed Shells

Out of everything we sampled, the Testarossa sandwich (thinly sliced roast pork, pancetta, sharp provolone, roasted long-hots, and pepperoncini aioli) and Stuffed Shells were surely winners. Matt & Marie’s will surely be on our list of places for lunch and great sandwich shops. Delivery now available via Caviar.


We would love to thank Nicole and Justin for their hospitality and wish them the best of luck in their newest restaurant location. 


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