How does someone get on Shark Tank? We mean actually on the show, with Kevin, Laurie, Barbara, Mark, and out favorite, Robert (those eyes… drool). A quick Google search has led us to a website about casting (read: Andrea and Brian, click here). But on a more serious note, you guys need to check out these Pennsylvania made Belgian Liege waffles, from Waffatopia

What exactly is a Liege waffle? We surely didn’t know- before this, waffles were made in a waffle maker that you fill with batter, and flip over when the timer beeps.  Well, according to the Waffatopia website, “Liege waffles are a popular Belgian breakfast item and snack served at roadside carts and shops. Fresh off the hot iron, this doughy indulgence is warm and satisfying whether you’re eating a Liege waffle on the go or served at the table.” Waffles on the go? Sign us up.


Image via Waffatopia

All Waffatopia waffles are made from scratch. They’re not your typical “pour batter” (aka what most of us are used to), but instead, balls of dough are placed on a cast-iron waffle maker. Their secret ingredient (or should we say, not-so-secret, since they divulge the information themselves on the website…) is Belgian pearl sugar. Brian and Andrea import authentic pearl sugar from Belgium and incorporate the pearls into Waffatopia’s dough before baking. The pearls help add a crunch to the waffles as you bite into them.


Images via Waffatopia

The thing we love most about this company are the owners- Andrea and Brian. They’re college sweethearts, and graduates of Penn State University. They had successful jobs elsewhere, and then one day decided to start this company, on their own. As foodies, we really appreciate small business owners who want to do things on their own, who go out there and get it, and who make things happen. Plus, these waffles are so delicious, you can really taste how much time, love, and effort have been put into each one.

Brian and Andrea, image via Waffatopia

So how does it work?!

We were lucky enough to receive a sample box from Waffatopia, complete with four of their different flavors: Maple Bacon, Banana & Nutella, Raspberry Stuffed Chocolate (on special), and Cinnamon and Vanilla. The waffles come individually wrapped, with directions on the front describing the various ways to heat the waffle.


We opted for the toaster, but you can also use the oven or a microwave. When using the toaster, it took literally seconds for the waffle to heat (and be careful, they get HOT).


Want to eat your waffle on the go? Be sure to use one of the to-go slips that came in the box, in order to enjoy when you walk (or drive)! And don’t worry, you don’t need “no stinkin’ syrup”- these waffles are sweet enough, and you don’t have to worry about any gooey mess while you’re on the go.


Have the time to sit and enjoy? These waffles can be eaten plain, or you can add your own sweet and savory toppings! 

Banana Nutella with Chocolate Syrup Drizzle
Maple Bacon with Egg and Bacon
Cinnamon and Vanilla with Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, and Whipped Cream

As soon as we bit into that first waffle (Cinnamon and Vanilla), we knew that these were not typical waffles. The best way to describe it- picture eating a cinnamon bun, but without all the stickiness. The texture is absolutely the same- it’s thick and doughy. Actually, better yet, picture the texture and doughy-ness of a Philadelphia soft pretzel, but then add the flavoring of a cinnamon bun. Honestly, it was just fantastic. There’s a reason this was their first and original flavor.

The Chocolate filled Raspberry was delicious as well- the chocolate was not too sweet, so it didn’t overpower the taste of the waffle. There was also only a slight hint of raspberry, but you could definitely taste it. This waffle worked perfect for an after dinner dessert. (Keep in mind, this waffle is one of their specials, and will no longer be sold after February- so get them now!)

The Banana Nutella and Maple Bacon were perfect for a breakfast waffle. They taste exactly like their respective flavors (although we did enhance the Maple Bacon by adding bacon to it). 

Other Waffatopia flavors include: Sweet & Stormy (Chocolate, Lavender, & Victory Storm King Imperial Stout) and Gingerbread Waffle (seasonal). 

Use promocode “philmytummy” to get free shipping at checkout!


Good until the end of February

Definitely take advantage of the discount code while you can- once you taste these waffles you’re going to wish you had ordered ten more boxes.

-Arielle and Lea

P.S. Brian and Andrea- if you need models to eat these delicious waffles on Shark Tank, we’ll gladly help out.

We’d like to thank Brian and Andrea of Waffatopia for sending us a variety pack of your amazing waffles. 

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