Lore’s Chocolates

After 3 generations, Lore’s Chocolates continues to be a Philadelphia staple. This quaint shop, which opened in 1967, is located right off Washington Square Park on 7th Street. They sell all your favorite chocolates, as well as seasonal favorites like homemade Irish Potatoes and personalized Easter Eggs. All these chocolates are made with the highest quality ingredients and follow traditional family recipes that have been passed down over the years.

Shoppers were buzzing through the store and sampling fresh Irish potatoes when we stopped by. The shop is decked out floor to ceiling with treats for the upcoming holidays – St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. There were more Irish Potatoes, dark and milk chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, and eggs than you could imagine, all wrapped with colorful bows and ribbons. In addition to a retail and manufacturing business, Lore’s caters to corporate, wholesale, custom chocolates, and bridal events.

Handmade Irish Potatoes are a true Philadelphia treat made with coconut and buttercream rolled into round balls and coated in sharp cinnamon. They sell out fast so get yours soon!

Lore’s began making their chocolates on site in the basement. They expanded 15 years ago when they bought the Goldberg’s Peanut Chew Factory and moved production to 2nd and Wyoming Ave. Now they use the basement factory space to host children’s chocolate making parties on Saturday’s,  where children can make chocolates and marshmallow pops to take home. They also host adult-only wine and chocolate events in the Winter. On Palm Sunday, Lore’s will have an open event for customers to make Easter Eggs.

Easter is around the corner and your basket would not be complete without some of these delicious treats from Lore’s!  You can make your own basket with foil chocolate eggs, malted milk eggs, shell eggs filled with non-perils, speckled eggs, coconut cream, buttercream, peanut butter, and even caramel fudge pecan! Lore’s has everything your sweet little heart is looking for. Easter chocolate bunnies are also made from Lore’s vast mold collection, which customers have grown to know by name.

Lore’s carries over 100 varieties of everyday chocolates that are made fresh on a continuous basis. The shop is open year round and in the Spring and Summer you can enjoy fresh Chocolate-Covered Strawberries and Blueberries every Tuesday and Wednesday! They even have a treat they’re calling “Philly S’mores” made with a chocolate-covered pretzel and chocolate covered homemade marshmallow.

Lore’s opened a coffee shop 23 years ago next door. There, they serve  pastries and beverages to enjoy with their tasty sweets. Even today, the owner’s at Lore’s are working with family and in their factory to produce only the finest chocolates and continue the traditions of their family-oriented retail and manufacturing business. Stop by Lore’s for a sweet taste of a Philadelphia Tradition.


-Lea and Arielle

We would like to thank Maureen and Tony Walter to take the time to tell us all about the history at Lore’s as well as let us sample their amazing chocolates!


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