Wishbone Craft Fried Chicken

Wishbone Craft Fried Chicken is going to be our new hangover lunch and late-night hang out. Real Southern comfort food can now be found right in Center City. Chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders, chicken wings, chicken chili, and chicken sausage mac n’ cheese, oh my!

Alan Segal, the founder of Tierra Restaurant (now Savona in Gulph Mills, PA) joined forces with Dave Clouser, former owner of SolaBYOB in Bryn Mawr, PA to develop this concept back when they first opened on Penn’s campus, 4034 Walnut Street. Erica Hope has partnered with them to open their second location at 210 S. 13th Street in Center City. Their Center City shop has limited seating, but a very cool industrial vibe.

They’re currently BYO and plan to have a liquor license in the near future (approx. 2 months) For now try their line of juices and over 60 types of bottled beer along with their vintage sodas! They also carry New Hope organic fountain soda with seasonal flavors like Orange Mango and Watermelon Creme.


You can tell by the taste that everything is homemade. Try one of their 8 different sauces (50 cents each). The Donfire is seriously HOT, do not slather it on your food or else your mouth will hate you. We prefer the Don’s XXX- it’s a little hotter than the Buffalo Blue with those same traditional flavors usually enjoyed with fried chicken. The Pesto Parmesan reminded us of a pesto ranch dressing and the Modern BBQ is better than most stuff you find bottled in the grocery store. Don’t bother looking for ketchup, they don’t carry it!

*TIP: Check in on Facebook, Yelp, or tweet @wishbonephilly for a free sauce!


The side grain salads, cole slaw, and potato salad here are also homemade. As for chicken, they’re serving boneless tenders with white meat or dark meat, and bone-in wings all which are brined, battered, and coated by hand with their signature pretzel crust (sorry gluten-free customers).

Their legendary Mac N’ Cheese is made with mascarpone, cheddar, swiss, tomatoes, chipotle peppers, chicken sausage, fresh herbs, and a pretzel crumb crust (vegetarian Mac can be made by special order). They also have buttermilk biscuits and jalapeño cornbread.

All items are sold by weight, except for the salads and sandwiches (yes there is a somewhat healthy option offered). All sandwiches are $8.95 and made with a boneless chicken thigh patty. The Mexican Wrap with homemade guacamole and queso fresco has been extremely popular along with the BLT made with homemade maple-bacon mayonnaise.

We tried “The Shroom” and liked it, this sandwich was a winter special that has stayed on the menu due to popularity. It has charred portabello mushroom, Capicollo ham, imported brie cheese, lemon vinaigrette, and the classic chicken patty.


If you want vegetarian options just ask for a sandwich without the chicken – like the Caprese or the Shroom. The only thing missing here for us would be some french fries, but we probably don’t need to add anymore calories to our meal.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth don’t forget about the desserts here. They’re all made by an in-house pastry team directed by Alan Segal. These delicious delights will be tempting you right behind the counter when you walk in. Hand Pies are made with a flaky butter crust and feature flavors like Apple, Redneck Pecan, and Chocolate Peanut Butter. We tried the S’mores cookie and Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie with brownie pieces inside. Next time we will have to try the daily Bread Pudding! We saw the Tarte Tatin Bread Pudding with caramelized apples, caramel, brioche, custard, raisins, cinnamon, and brandy. (1/2 cup portions are $3.50 each)

Wishbone App and Wishbone Wallet Loyalty program is now only offered in University City, but will be coming for the 13th Street location. Delivery (including beer delivery) is available from 40th Street to 7th Street via Grub Gub or online ordering. Open until 3 am Thursday-Saturday.



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