Apricotstone is a true gem located in Northern Liberties. Chef Fimy and her son Ara are cooking up authentic and fresh Mediterranean dishes that are full of passion and flavor. You can tell when you try it that this food is made from scratch with love. This delicious joint is serving up lunch, dinner, and Sunday brunch.

Chef Fimy learned her craft from the best teacher of all, her mother. Growing up in Aleppo, Syria Chef Fimy followed closely as her mom prepared meals for family dinners and gatherings. Chef Fimy moved to the United States in 1981, and after working in several kitchens perfecting her cuisine and mastering recipes and tastes, opened her flagship ‘Fimy’s Kitchen’ location in the Albrecth’s Farmer’s Market on the Main Line in 1993 and in 1995 a second location. apricotstone is Chef Fimy’s next project and she is looking forward to adding true Mediterranean flavors to the Philadelphia restaurant scene.


Apricotstone is BYO and not to be missed. They recently added outside seating, but delivery is not available yet. Be sure to make a reservation because this place has been packed since opening January 29, 2016. They have a great selection of Armenian Mediterranean cuisine featuring cold and hot appetizers, salads, sandwiches, platters, and dessert. Sunday brunch is a 4 courses prix fixe menu with coffee for $20. This menu has something for everyone with numerous vegetarian and vegan dishes.


(menu items written in orange are vegan, green are vegetarian)

For starters, we were blown away by the Stuffed Grape Leaves which are vegan, handmade, and packed with so much flavor. Try them with a little squeeze of lemon, they’re probably the best Lea’s ever had (and she lives for Mediterranean food). We sampled a little bit of everything with the The Dip Trio offering creamy Hummus (chickpea tahini dip), Babagaoush (grilled eggplant dip), and Muhamara (roasted red pepper and walnut dip) with homemade pita chips.

Next time we’ll have to try the Lahmajoun Armenian pizza which is certainly unique, its the only item not made in house because its made by a local family friend. This pizza is a baked round, thin piece of dough topped with minced meat (most commonly beef or lamb) and minced vegetables and herbs including onions, tomatoes and parsley.

Of course we had to try the Spanikopita and Cheese Boreg which are both very popular menu items. Both are wrapped in flaky phyllo dough and filled with pure deliciousness. The Spanikopita has spinach and cheese inside and the Cheese Boreg is filled with various cheeses.

For the main course we tried the Kebab Tasting Plate with Lamb, Beef, and Chicken kebabs and the Falafel Plate (vegan). On the side we got Greek Salad, Fattoush Salad (vegan), Tabouleh (vegan), and Lebni (greek yogurt dip). Each plate comes with a choice of salad, dip, side of pita bread and rice pilaf. We would highly recommend the plates if you’re hungrier and want a variety of sides. Both the kebabs and falafel were cooked to perfection. The meats had a nice char from the grill while still being tender and juicy. The falafel was flavorful with great texture instead of being oily and dry.

Arielle stopped by for dinner and tried the Chicken Shawarma plate and the Chicken Kebab plate.  She preferred the Hummus over the Baba Ganoush. As for the salads, she really enjoyed the Fattoush Salad, and her boyfriend liked the Greek salad, although he said he wished the feta cheese was in big chunks, instead of small crumbles.

As for the desserts, we’ve tried the Baklava with walnuts and Gatnabur Armenian Rice Pudding. They even have Anoush Abur as a vegan dessert option its a wheat, apricot, raisin and almond pudding. There are two types of Baklava served here, one is served sweet with walnuts and the other is served warm and filled with cheese. We loved the sweet Baklava, but the Armenian Rice Pudding was really an unexpected delight with hints of cardamom, topped with crushed pistachio and cinnamon we’ve never enjoyed rice pudding so much!

Starting in May, apricotstone will feature weekly dinner specials in limited quantities until they sell out. Office catering is also available and delivery will be soon. If you stop by for brunch try the Mamounia which is like a buttery cream of wheat topped with pistachio or the Khachapuri which is homemade dough boat stuffed with mixed cheese with sunny side up egg.

While they have yet to offer delivery, take out is a great option for eating this delicious fare at home – it’s quick, it’s easy, and they even offer you flavored water while you wait.

-Lea and Arielle


We would like to thank Chef Fimy and Ara for sharing with us their amazing food and telling us about their journey to opening apricotstone.




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