The Juice Merchant

July 2015 marked a big change to Main Street Manayunk. Delicious vegan and health conscious fare would now be available to all. Lenny Bazemore (Best of Manayunk Entrepreneur of the Year 2016) took to totally renovating the old building across the street from his art gallery. This real estate transformation gave a home to The Juice Merchant

The Juice Merchant won Best of Manayunk 2016 Vegetarian Restaurant for their menu of fresh made juices, smoothies, breakfast and lunch items. The General Manager Miguel of Gangster Vegan Norristown, PA has taken his years of experience and vegan lifestyle to create a menu that will easily be loved by yogis and cyclists alike. The menu highlights 100% organic produce and gluten-free options that are made daily. 

The Juice Merchant even offers delivery via a refrigerated truck within a 5 mile radius. Be on the lookout for a mobile juice truck to be making its debut soon, stocked with juices and made-to-order options!

Inside this bright white shop you’ll find the option for 6 types of pre-made bottle juices. Feeling original? You can also create your own on the spot with your choice of 4 fruits and/or veggies! They also offer seasonal infused water with flavors like Cucumber Lemon. 

The two most popular juices include the Tropi-Kale with kale, spinach, pineapple, ginger, cucumber, celery, and lime. As well as the Truly Green with kale, spinach, parsley, ginger, cucumber, green apple, lime, cilantro, and celery. 

For more of a meal replacement we would suggest a smoothie. You can create your own, but I chose one of the signature options.  I ordered the Oat Berry Berry with Strawberry, Blueberry, Gluten-Free Rolled Oats, Banana, Almond Milk, and Orange Juice. I really enjoyed this smoothies because it wasn’t overly sweet and had a great texture from the berries and rolled oats. 

Other popular smoothies include the Simply Green with kale, spinach, pineapple, banana, and almond milk or the Protein Power with cacao powder, peanut butter, hemp or soy protein, banana, and almond milk. 


If you don’t feel like a liquid diet is right for you they’re serving up healthy little snacks like hummus, granola bars, and kale chips. Grab a Chia Seed Pudding Parfait to start your sunny spring morning or our favorite a Whip!

Whips are made with a frozen banana and almond milk base to give it a consistency like soft serve ice cream except vegan. The Banana Rama is the most basic flavored with vanilla and topped with granola. You can also try a Chocolate PB Whip with cacao powder, peanut butter, and granola. I loved the Acai Superfood Whip with acai berry and granola topped with fresh fruit! For both smoothies and whips they also offer various mix-ins such as chia sees, flax seed, maca, etc. 

Their menu also includes sandwiches, wraps, and salads. Whole wheat and gluten-free wraps are available as well as hot food specials with brown rice, quinoa, Spanish-style black beans, and Tuscan Kale. Recently they added brunch items on Saturday and Sundays from 10 am – 2 pm too! Try some pancakes, gluten-free oatmeal, vegan gluten-free Belgian waffles, or a Coconut yogurt parfait. 

Whether you follow a healthy lifestyle or are just trying to undo the effects of all the wine you downed last week, The Juice Merchant is just the spot to make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.



We’d like to thank Miguel for taking the time to speak with us about The Juice Merchant and try some healthy fare. 


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