Stockyard Sandwich Co.

This October 2016, Spring Garden Street welcomed its newest resident, Stockyard Sandwich Co. Mike Metzger and Will Lindsay opened this restaurant after meeting 6 years ago while working in the kitchen at White Dog Cafe. Their career paths took them on separate career paths through the kitchens of Morimoto, Pumpkin, and Kensington Quarters.  Until 2 years ago they left fine dining and decided to open their own sandwich shop based on using the whole animal and making quality food accessible. 

Here at Stockyard Sandwich Co. it is our mission to be a neighborhood staple on Spring Garden for high quality locally sourced food at a reasonable price. We are all about farm to table and nose to tail for our seasonal menus. Stop in for high fives, good food, breakfast, lunch, dinner and catering!

This sandwich shop is definitely built to be the next neighborhood hot spot with its walls adorned with a mural by Natalie Negron, recycled wood table tops and deli counter. Stockyard develops their menu solely around local organic and seasonal produce. Farms in Lancaster, PA provide the pork and poultry, while all the butchering and meat smoking is done in-house.


Breakfast sandwiches are offered everyday 7 – 11 am and brunch is on Saturdays. Wake up with La Columbe coffee as customers are able to create their own sandwich by selecting a base: Carangi’s baguette, Philly Bread Co. Everything Philly Muffin, Potato Bun from Conshy Bakery, or Loaded Potato (gluten-free). Add your choice of egg, house made protein: bacon, sausage, pastrami, chicken sausage, scrapple, or vegan scrapple; cheese and sauce to finish. If you’re a spicy one, try their house made hot sauce which is packing some serious heat! Our favorite combo included a runny egg, the Philly Bread Co. Everything Philly Muffin which is about the size and consistency of a bagel (without the hole in the middle) and their house made pastrami or bacon.


Some of the best selling lunch sandwiches include the Braised Beef with house-made whiz, onion, and mushroom on baguette. The Stock Burger with double patties, jack cheese, pickle, lettuce, onion, ketchup, and mustard on a potato bun. And the Whole Pig Banh Mi with carrot, cabbage, cucumber, cilantro, onion, cold Jalapeno, and XO mayo on a baguette. Falafel can also be substituted for vegetarians or vegans (without XO mayo). Their Brussel Sprout and Mushroom sandwich is also vegan made with shallot, apple, fennel, and Duxelles Tofu Spread on baguette.

Grab a side of their Fried Potato for a treat with your sandwich. These are not your ordinary french fries, they’re made from a baked potato that is broken into chunks and fried to create a sort of crunchy outside and soft inside. Weekdays from 2:30-4:30 pm stop by for the After School Special weekly sandwich for $5 with a side of fried potato or grab a single patty Stock Burger for $5 also. So far our favorite sandwich specials have included the Bratwurst and Fried Chicken Biscuit. 


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