Wanna get down on a wondrous, one of a kind burger? Time to mosey on down to Wahlburgers, located in Philadelphia’s Northern Liberties at The Piazza. Originally starting as a local food truck, Wahlburgers served up delicious and indulgent burgers that patrons flocked to to get their hands on one of their signature burgers. Recently, this brand new location opened its doors with an expansive menu, offering not only burgers, but sandwiches, adult milkshakes and frappes, and even salads. Whether you’re a new kid on the block, or a local looking for a burger, beer, and an all around good time, Wahlburgers is your spot. They’ve now got locations in Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Canada!

The menu highlights favorites of each Wahlberg family member, basing each bite on the Walhburgers motto, “Our Family, Our Story, Our Burgers.” The restaurant chain prides itself in offering fresh food, high quality ingredients, and a whole lotta’ love, just as the Wahlberg family does it. The Wahlberg’s were raised on the importance of family, and most certainly instill this belief in how they prepare and serve their food. They like to be sure that their guests have a fun and memorable experience in their restaurants, and leave with a smile on their face. Wahlburgers believes that their is no better way to sit at a table then with a pairing of great food and company.

Wahlburgers matches up their most of their burgers with Paul’s Signature Wahl Sauce, which is a savory combination of ketchup, mayonnaise, sriracha, sautéed onions, and parsley. All of their sauces are homemade, including their cheese sauce, which pairs well with a side of their crispy tater tots if you’re really feeling cheesy. Other housemade sauces include barbecue sauce, balsamic tartar sauce, honey garlic mayo, and more. You can find most of these sauces paired up with each Wahlberg’s favorite burger and sandwich. Paul’s favorite is The Our Burger, which is a 1/3 lb. burger with lettuce, tomato, onion, “government” cheese, and house made pickles.

Mom’s favorite sandwich is the  Sloppy Joe, which is an open faced sandwich on thick sliced griddled bread smothered with cheese sauce and Wahl sauce, and finished with crispy onions. The BBQ Bacon Burger is Donnie’s favorite, made with a  1/3 lb. burger, white cheddar, bacon, fresh jalapeños, bbq sauce, and avocado spread. Mark’s favorite Thanksgiving Day Sandwich is a festive combination of fresh ground seasoned turkey, stuffing, mayo, housemade orange cranberry sauce, and roasted butternut squash. If you happen to choose the bunless life, all burgers, including sandwiches, can be served “chopped and tossed”. There are also gluten free burger buns, hot dog buns, and even gluten free tots and fries!

There are many stand out options at Wahlburgers, it’s hard to decide. Amongst the Wahlberg family favorites is The Melt. This 1/3 lb. burger is sandwiched between thick-cut bread and grilled with “government” cheese, bacon, caramelized onions, housemade pickles and mustard sauce. Basically all the right stuffespecially when coupled with their drool-worthy Mac N’ Cheese with Smoked Bacon, mixing up mini penne, smoked bacon, “government cheese”, cheddar, smoked mozzarella & Parmesan, and  topping it off with garlic panko bread crumbs.

If a belly buster of a burger is not something you want to tackle, Wahlburgers fresh to order salads are a healthier option– any sandwich or burger can be chopped up into their Chopped Salad Bowl. Fresh mixed greens are tossed together for the same price as the sandwich or burger of your choice. The Crispy Haddock Sandwich is a yummy option, with crispy haddock filets atop freshly mixed greens.

The restaurant offers a full bar with select drafts, cocktails, and hand selected wines. They’ve even teamed up with Boston’s Harpoon Brewery to create their signature draft beer, Wahlbrewski- a hoppy lager that is crisp like an IPA. Growlers are available to take home to pair your Wahlbrewski with all of your home cooked meals. Happy hour runs every Monday -Friday from 4-7pm with specials including $3.25 Bud Light and Miller Light drafts, $4 well drinks, $5 house wine, and $6 house margaritas.


If you have room for dessert, Carlo’s Bakeshop created their own cupcake just for Wahlburgers. They are delivered fresh daily with several signature flavors. Milkshakes and adult frappes are also available on their drink menu. They are blended together to offer delightfully sweet concoctions such as the Fluffanuttahh, made with vanilla ice cream, Marshmallow Vodka, Crème de Banana, and peanut butter.

Be sure to check out Wahlburgers outdoor beer garden, which is gearing up to open in March just in time for St. Patrick’s Day! Wahlburgers also offers delivery via Grub Hub.


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  1. Come to The Bronx, New York please. We often visit your restaurant in Suffolk County Long Island NY but it’s a distance to drive, please this Bronx girl needs one here! Pretty Please!


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