C by Boardroom Spirits

Just in time for Easter, Boardroom Spirits, a Lansdale-based craft distillery has launched C, a first-of-its-kind spirit created entirely from carrots! C, literally and figuratively, follows B which is distilled entirely from beets, and is expected to have the same kitchen to bar versatility. Sold in their Lansdale, PA distillery, it will be available in imaginative cocktails found at lucky local Philadelphia restaurants including Aldine, Martha, and Harvest as well as nationally through Ezra’s and supplements Boardroom’s quickly growing differentiating line of fruit and vegetable-based, clear craft spirits.


It takes about 12.5 pounds of carrots to create one 375 Ml bottle of C. Much like all of Boardroom Spirit’s products, C is gluten-free and contains no artificial flavors, colors, added sugars, or preservatives. The packaging makes this product, and the entire line, distinct to the marketplace. An ode to the periodic table of elements, the clear bottle is branded with a white ‘C’ against a transparent, orange colored backdrop. The packaging highlights the ingredient used through an evocative color (purple for beets, orange for carrots) and letter (B and C). The distillery deliberately depicts the product with translucent labeling to showcase clarity and purity as part of their overall mission to stay as transparent about their process as they are about their products.

“We are very eager to bring the first 100% carrot-based spirit to the U.S. market and based on the success of B, feel this new product will be a natural, delicious addition to an industry rife with so many unnatural flavors these days,” said Marat Mamedov, Founder, Boardroom Spirits. “Raw carrots have a naturally sweet flavor and aroma and much like springtime, awaken all of the five senses.”


We stopped by Aldine restaurant for happy hour to see C in full effect. We started off with a C-Sour made using, 1oz Boardroom Spirits C, 100% carrot spirit, 1oz vodka, 1oz ginger simple syrup*, 1.25 oz lemon juice, and egg white. The skillful bartender’s method involves combining C, ginger, simple syrup, lemon juice and egg white in a cocktail shaker. Filling the shaker with ice and shaking vigorously. Next, strain into an ice-filled old-fashioned glass and garnish with sugar. To make your own simple syrup – heat equal parts water and sugar until sugar dissolves. Add grated fresh ginger to taste. Cool and store in refrigerator for one week.

The spirit exudes a sweet, fragrant aroma comparable to freshly shaven carrots with hints of fennel and a flavor profile combining bittersweet, apple-like fruitiness against the pleasant, yet bracing, finish of refreshing carrot. The flavor of ‘C’ lends itself to enormous adaptability.  Perhaps our favorite cocktail of the evening was the Raspberry + Thyme Gimlet made with 1oz Boardroom Spirits C, 100% carrot spirit, 1oz vodka, 2oz lime juice, and 1.5oz raspberry + thyme simple syrup. To make this drink combine vodka, raspberry + thyme syrup, and lime juice in an ice-filled mixing glass. Stir with a long spoon until well chilled. Strain into chilled coupe glass and Pour C Spirit over top. Garnish with raspberry.

We also loved the C-Rita which is a twist on a classic margarita made with C spirit, silver tequila, rosemary, black pepper and a chili lime salt rim. We also tried the C-Collins. The evening could not have been complete without Chef George Sabatino’s clever tapas dishes all using carrots as the main ingredient. Aldine restaurant makes everything from scratch. There was Whole Wheat Bread with Carrot Butter and Roasted Carrots with Whipped Yogurt. Our favorite dish of the evening may have been the Carrot Croquettes with Carrot Aioli. The Carrot Custard with Smoked Carrot Relish was one of the most unique plates we sampled.

The desserts were even carrot-centric! With Carrot Semifredo and Salted Pistachio and of course, Carrot Cake with Candied Carrot.  These carrot bites were the perfect clever compliment to our C-spirit cocktails. Last week Boardroom Spirits earned five awards at the Craft Spirits Conference hosted by the American Distilling Institute. United States and international entries are blind tasted and evaluated by an expert panel of judges made up of distillers, journalists, bar owners, bartenders, retailer, wholesalers, distributors, and importers. At the 2017 judging, Boardroom Spirits was awarded:

  • Double Gold Medal in the Specialty Spirit category for B, 100% Beet Spirit
  • Best of Category in the Specialty Spirit category for B, 100% Beet Spirit
  • Gold Medal in the Rectified Vodka, Neutral Character category for Boardroom Spirits Vodka
  • Best of Category in the Rectified Vodka, Neutral Character category for Boardroom Spirits Vodka
  • Silver Medal for Excellence in Packaging for Boardroom Spirits Vodka

“We’re absolutely thrilled to be recognized by some of the industry’s toughest critics,” said Mamedov. “We are a young distillery and to come out with such a strong showing is a huge boon and encourages us to keep distilling, experimenting, and innovating.”


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