Beaucycled Handmade

In 2012, Meredith Greimel started Beaucycled which celebrates both old world charm of artisanal craftsmanship and new world consciousness of recycling, sustainability and entrepreneurship. Tomorrow, Tuesday June 20th from 7:00-8:30 pm is the launch of this new workshop series, Big Beers and Bigger Planters! Get your tickets at here before they sell out!
Join us and you’ll find yourself enjoying food and drinks at Frankford Hall while choosing from an amazing selection of vintage planters and assorted succulents with added bonuses of bigger planters and a second succulent! This is a great workshop for anyone who wants to take their succulent arranging one step further. We also welcome all first time participants who want to experience Philly’s Favorite Succulent Workshop by Beaucycled. Tickets are only $20 and includes all the supplies you need with plenty of vintage vessels to choose from, as well as all the knowledge you need for your TWO succulents to thrive.
Meredith Greimel first hatched the idea for Beaucycled when she suffered a foot injury and had a lot of downtime to be crafty. She launched with hand knit accessories and purses and wallets sewn from the recycled inner tubes of flat bicycle tires. Quickly thereafter began jewelry making and playing with succulents.
Later while volunteering at a thrift store, she realized the abundance of glassware that is discarded on a daily basis and wanted to find a purpose for these pieces through succulent plantings. Her workshops are her pride and joy because they bring together so many people who want to get out, catch up with friends, meet people, be creative and use their hands.
Since the launch of Beaucycled workshops just under a year ago they have taught over 4,500 attendees. Tomorrow they’re celebrating this milestone with a new succulent workshop, featuring two succulents and bigger vintage planters. Frankford Hall is one of our favorite partner venues and just down the street from where we make everything, so it feels right to celebrate there!
 All of their goods are created with care in our studio in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia. They take pride in upcycling forgotten containers such as jars, boxes, cups and pots and giving them new lives as vessels for succulent and cactus arrangements. Our succulents currently sold at Whole Foods in the Philadelphia and South Jersey Region, as well as at summer festivals.  Their modern-vintage jewelry inspiration features crystals, druzy rocks, cameos and pocket watches. Sold through Etsy and at festivals year round. And handmade knits showcase the talents of our team through yarn. Each year we knit heaps of headbands, scarves and gloves to keep our customers warm in a northeast winter season. Sold on Etsy and at winter festivals.

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