Foo Kitchen Brunch

Nothing is better than a delicious BYOB brunch spot where you won’t need reservations or have to wait very long to be seated. We’ll share this one with you, George Pan of the popular Foo Truck has taken over a diner on 13th and Vine Street. And his restaurant, Foo Kitchen is sure to provide you with an un-Foo-gettable dining experience! Just across from Chinatown, Foo Kitchen is a bright turquoise and orange oasis serving up a menu filled with unique dishes made from scratch- the restaurant doesn’t even have a freezer on the premises.


Imagine dishes made using traditional Asian cooking techniques and flavors then stuffed into a toasty tortilla to make eating on-the-go! Chef Pan’s signature Foowiches are are grilled, overstuffed burritos. This dish originated at his food truck and is also served at his restaurant. Foo Kitchen is serving up breakfast, lunch, and brunch to customers everyday except Monday. Stop by for specials on Taco Tuesdays 4:00 – 7:00 pm in addition to daily menu additions.
You’ll find everything from Chicken and Corn Dumplings, Tofu Fritters, Foowiches, noodles, eggs, and tacos. Among the desserts, Chef Pan drizzles honey over house-made yogurt, and chopped seasonal fruit, homemade bread pudding, or his signature Red Velvet Cake Balls. 
We stopped by for brunch and were pleasantly surprised to see that the menu has a little something for everyone. The classic FOO Breakfast Combo offers 3 eggs any style, French Toast, turkey sausage, bacon, biscuit and potatoes. There is also French Toast and a Tofu Scramble with onions, peppers, mushrooms, and spinach with potatoes.
We couldn’t resist trying the incredible Coconut Curry Eggs Benedict on a FOO biscuit, turkey bacon, poached egg, FOO’s coconut curry sauce and hollandaise with side of potatoes. The slices of turkey bacon on this benny were comparable to slabs of pork belly and had a great smokey flavor. Not to mention that the coconut curry hollandaise is easily a sauce so delicious you could slather it on almost any dish. We also tried the General Tso’s Pork Belly Breakfast Special which was another favorite served on FOO Biscuit, with gravy, fried egg, pork belly, broccoli, FOO’s sauce and potatoes. This creative dish is a nice play on the classic Chinese dish served with broccoli.


For lunch lovers, check out the Chicken Bahn Mi Burger with pate, carrot, daikon cucumber, and FOO’s special sauce with a side of potato wedges. We also were crushing hard on the Duck Confit Breakfast Tacos served on FOO’s scallion pancakes with sour cream, egg, cotija, tomatillo sauce and potatoes. This dish was loaded with duck and the scallion pancake created a wonderfully crispy taco shell.
There is also a Korean Breakfast Quesadilla with cheddar cheese, FOO’s rice crispies, cucumber, kimchi, egg omelet, FOO’s red pepper sauce and side of potatoes or Shrimp Toast Eggs Benedict with water chestnuts, mushroom, scallion, egg, hollandaise, spinach and potatoes if you’re looking to explore something new.



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