21 Tequila

Yesterday we celebrated National Tequila Day with 21 Tequila. Its made with 100% Agave that comes from a small family distillery in the Highlands of Arandas, Mexico. Brothers Brandon and Trevor set out as a couple of amateurs on the path to learn about and discover better tequila. In their search, they found and became close to a small family distillery in the highlands of Arandas, Jalisco, Mexico. Felicano Vivanco Y Asociados—a distillery that still respects tradition and the true nature of tequila—took them in like family and believed in the vision of 21 Tequila. After finding the finest blue agave, and filing years of dedication, it all paid off when the first bottles of 21 Tequila hit the shelves.


The 21 Silver has a finish that is undeniably smooth. We love it for shaking up a classic margarita while its taste notes include:

  • Color: Bright, crystal clear
  • Aroma: Fresh agave, citrus fruit
  • Taste: Crisp agave, citrus, light floral notes
  • Finish: Mild spice, awesomely smooth

The 21 Reposado offers a unique and flavorful experience with a smooth finish. To achieve the perfect flavor profile, this Reposado is aged for 6 – 8 months in recycled American whiskey barrels.

  • Color: Rich, golden hue
  • Aroma: Caramel, light pear, oak
  • Taste: Vanilla, oak, light agave, caramel
  • Finish: You’ll want another sip

Today you can find 21 Tequila served at many of your favorite bars in Philadelphia, including Vesper, Misconduct Tavern (both locations), Jose Pistola’s, El Camino Real, Fine Palate, Bar Bombon, Bridgewaters, Front Street Cafe, Charlie Was a Sinner, Frankie Bradley’s, Chima Steakhouse, Ashton Cigar Bar, Standard Tap, JJ Bootleggers, Smith’s, and Revolution House. You can also purchase both the Silver and Reposado in any PA Fine Wine & Good Spirits store as a “special order” at the check-out desk.

Want to mix up a classic Margarita with 21 Tequila, Silver? Here’s how to make yourself a simple, sweet, and delicious drink. Start with 2 oz of 21 Tequila, 2 tbs fresh squeezed Lime Juice, and 1.5 tbs Light Agave Syrup. Combine all ingredients in a shaker with ice. Shake well and strain into a glass filled with ice and garnish with lime!

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